Your Place or Mine Release Date: Is There A Trailer?

In February, Netflix will add a new romantic comedy called “Your Place or Mine.” This is also four days before Valentine’s Day. The story of this movie, which was directed by Aline Brosh McKenna, is about two best friends.

Debbie and Peter each live in a different city: LA and NY. Their friendship has been going on for twenty years. From the trailer, we can see that when they first met, they slept together. As time went on, though, they turned this into a strong friendship.

Debbie and Peter couldn’t be more different. Debbie is a single mother who wants to stick to a routine with her son, while Peter lives in New York and is always up for something new.

Debbie’s dating life is kind of a graveyard, but Peter dates like a playboy and has a lot of fun. But when Debbie wants to go after a dream she’s had for a long time, she and Peter decide to switch places for a week.

While Peter is taking care of Debbie’s son and getting to know him, Debbie meets a man in New York who becomes interested in him.

But when she tells Peter about her new date, Peter starts to realize he has more than just a strong friendship with Debbie. When Debbie and Peter face this new fact, their lives change and they have to make new decisions.

Your Place or Mine Release Date

When Is ‘Your Place or Mine’ Releasing?

Aline Brosh McKenna first said in May 2020 that she would direct the movie as her first big-screen job. Ashton Kutcher, who plays the male lead, joined the cast in August 2021. Reese Witherspoon, who plays the female lead, joined the cast right away.

In October of that year, the names of other main cast members like Tig Notaro, Jesse Williams, Zo Chao, and Steve Zahn were made public.

The main filming also began that month. On January 13, the official trailer for the movie came out on Netflix. It will be available on February 10, 2023.

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Is There A Trailer For Your Place or Mine?

As with any good romantic comedy, the trailer is an important part of getting the word out about the movie and can give the first glimpse into how the main couple works.

On September 21, 2022, at Netflix’s TUDUM fan event, an exclusive clip was shown. It didn’t show any scenes from the movie, but it did show the release date and how well the two leads get along. Here it is:

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