You Season 4 Part 1 Ending: The Rich Killer!

The fourth season of Netflix’s ‘You‘ reintroduces Joe Goldberg in a different country with a completely different slate. He appears to be keen on turning over a new leaf, but blood and mayhem follow him, and this time, someone else is obsessed with him.

The plot displays such strong twists and turns in only five episodes that one can’t help but wonder what lies ahead for Joe and what the emergence of a new foe could entail for his future.

Here, we dissect the first half of ‘You‘ Season 4 and speculate on what it might imply for the protagonist in the future.

You Season 4 Part 1 Ending: The Rich Killer!

When Joe discovers Malcolm’s dead body inside his apartment, he uses his tried-and-true method to dispose of the body.

He succeeds in keeping Malcolm’s death hidden for a time, but when one of Malcolm’s friends dies, the media picks up the story and portrays it as an attack on London’s wealth.

To outsiders, it appears to be the work of someone executing their hatred of the upper class by killing them one by one. Malcolm’s circle of friends believes the same, but Joe recognizes that this is someone with a very different agenda.

Kate, Phoebe, Adam, Simon, Gemma, Sophie, Blessing, Connie, Roald, and Rhys are among Malcolm’s friends.

Joe has no notion of the issues in their relationships because they are a close-knit group with deep connections. Nonetheless, he believes that one of them is the murderer and begins rounding up his suspects.

You Season 4 Part 1 Ending

His first suspicion is directed against Simon, a more distant member of the group who also appears shadier. However, before Joe can explain why he killed Malcolm, Simon is slain, forcing Joe to reassess his entire thesis.

Following the second murder, Joe suspects everyone, from Malcolm’s girlfriend Kate to Roald, Kate’s friend who is also romantically interested in her.

Joe gradually comes to believe that Kate has nothing to do with the murders, especially after the perpetrator threatens her as the next victim.

Joe falls for her while trying to keep her safe, and things between them heat up even more after Gemma is murdered and Joe finds Kate next to the dead body with the murder weapon.

Kate admits that Gemma was already dead when she entered the room, but she is aware of how the situation may have made her appear.

Joe applies this to his own position and tells Kate about the enigmatic killer who has been blackmailing her.

They agree to hide Gemma’s body until they can find out how to deal with it and the perpetrator. But, before that can happen, Roald discovers Gemma’s death and blames Joe.

Regardless of their conflicts, the group as a whole never got so severe that they ended up killing each other.

As Gemma points out after dinner, the murders began shortly after Joe arrived. Joe is the outsider, the one they don’t know or trust sufficiently.

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Joe, on the other hand, realizes that there is another member of the group who feels like an outsider. Rhys began from humble beginnings and rose to prominence later in life.

He also displays his dissatisfaction with his buddies, appearing less interested and involved in their activities and meetings.

Roald pursues Joe at Hampsbridge House following Gemma’s death, accusing him of being the murderer. Joe successfully knocks out Roald, but before he can flee, he is ambushed by Rhys.

Joe finds himself in an underground bunker. Both he and Roald are imprisoned, and Rhys explains that it was all his fault all along.

He orders Joe to assassinate Roald and blames him for the killings. When Joe refuses, Rhys sets the place on fire.

Joe and Roald are able to escape just in time. Meanwhile, Rhys leaves, having learned nothing about his involvement in the murders.

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