You can quickly delete WhatsApp levels

Share Preparing a new function You can delete it quickly after sending a status, Being in beta version of WhatsApp for Android is an attractive novelty that is not yet available to anyone.

While it is true that if you upload WhatsApp status that lasts 24 hours it may be deleted later, this function will further expedite that deletion because when sending that status This new “Undo” button will appear So you can delete it in seconds.

Otherwise, you have to wait until it comes out, enter the status, and then in the options and delete it, someone may have already seen it, it is one of the few sections of your WhatsApp profile you can see who is watching them and who is not.

Instead, with the new option “Delete option” that appears after posting the status of WABetaInfo, You can remove it in 1 or 2 seconds You only need to click to delete it at most, so make sure no one can see it if you made a mistake.

Image - You can quickly delete WhatsApp levels

How many times have you uploaded Status for WhatsApp You delete it after a few seconds, because what you wanted to upload was incomplete or whatever? Of course this has happened to you on more than one occasion and now you have the opportunity with the “Undo” button to remove it immediately.

Once removed WhatsApp only lets you know that your status has actually been deleted And it does not appear. This is similar to the “disable” option for sending emails in Gmail, which provides the ability to delete a message after it has been sent.

Son Useful options for users Improve the experience, although they are not big things, there is a difference in the small details and this is one of them. For now you should know that it is not available in the beta version of WhatsApp only.

Can you join the beta? Share And you will definitely see New Deactivate button to remove states, But you can wait until it is released with the rest WhatsApp news coming soon Precisely not some, they are all interesting and users will like.

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