Xbox updates its application to the system and launches the opportunity to install games in different folders

Although it was already introduced in the Xbox Insiders program, it is now being released to the public.

A few minutes ago, Xbox welcomed the month of March with a new selection Landing games on Game Boss Throughout the next few days. However, this is not the only thing Redmond has announced, as they have also shared new updates for themselves. PC applications It offers a function that is highly requested by the community: Possibility Install the games in the folder we want.

The new update also expands the possibilities for introducing mods in gamesXbox I had already been warned about this procedure A few months ago, now using the announcement of the new Game Pass games, explain the details of the said movement. As read Your statementThis function opens up possibilities File management on the computer And allows us to install games on the files we want Move and repair Titles if needed.

Xbox Game Boss

This not only contributes to the better organization of our organizations, but also expands the possibilities for it Mod creation. In this sense, it will be extra easy when the community activates mods in their games, which has become a highly appreciated experience for PC gamers. Finally, before officially launching the Xbox app, Xbox would like to thank all the internal users who collaborated in testing this functionality. I have been trying for a long time.

In this way, the Xbox application provides a better experience for all players familiar with the computer field. Steam And the like. Taking this last brand, Cape Newell, the founder of Wolverine, seems to be interested in everything that is offered. PC CampusThat is why he did not reject the link Bring the service list to steam.

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