Amazon Has a Sale on the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller!

Amazon has the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller for $116. This is a good small saving for anyone searching for a new Xbox controller, as it is normally priced at $130. All shoppers receive free shipping, but Prime members will receive the controller sooner.

Last fall, the Elite Series 2 Core controller was produced as a low-cost alternative to the conventional Elite Series 2. The Core edition, on the other hand, does not include any of the attachments, however, they can be purchased separately.

This means no rear paddles, four extra analog sticks to change, a swappable D-pad, or a carrying bag. Instead, the Core controller just has the Elite Series 2 controller’s superior build—better sticks, trigger locks, an eight-way metal D-pad, and tactile handle grips.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller

You can always buy the back paddles and other accessories separately if you decide you want them. Microsoft charges $60 for the Complete Component Pack. Alternatively, you can select the swappable parts you want and purchase them from third-party vendors.

For example, a quality set of back paddles may be had for roughly $10. We tried these third-party paddles and found them to be comfortable and functional.

Alternatively, an open-box version of the normal Elite Series 2 controller is available for $112 on eBay. This deal, sold by a “Top Rated Plus” seller, includes free two- to four-day shipping and eBay’s money-back guarantee. Because this is an open-box product, the original box and packaging materials may be missing.

The controller, on the other hand, should be in like-new condition and include all of the original attachments and accessories, According to gamespot.

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