Will the finale of Fortnite’s Season 1, Chapter 3 take place?

A few days before the start of the new season, uncertainty about whether the final event of the current season will take place remains hidden. All details.

Fortnite: Will the final episode of Season 1, Chapter 3 take place?

once again, Fortnight Update its content and start the new season. The current season, along with the war pass, will put an end to this March 19, 2022 And fans of War Royal are curious as to whether or not there will be The final event of the season.

Fortnite, Season 1: Epic Games has no final events planned

Epic Games Battle Royale The current season is coming to an end. A few hours separates us from its peak time, and as we have already discovered, There will be no significant event This marks its closure Season 2Of Chapter 3 Fortnight.

Nonetheless, Fortnite’s users and fans are watching and waiting for one Surprising announcement By the company. Epic Games, at the end of each season, accustomed them to important events with celebrations or collaborations.

Fortnite: Will the final episode of Season 1, Chapter 3 take place?

Date and news of Fortnite’s Season 2, Chapter 3

As we mentioned earlier the current Battle Royale season ends tomorrow, March 19th. Epic Games has confirmed that the start of Season 2 will take place this Sunday, March 20th. The company has announced Unemployment time starts at 4pm Argentine timeSo in a matter of hours we can already enjoy the new content.

At this time, Epic Games War Royal has not released any information regarding the upcoming content for the new season. Despite this, one can only guess that we will get a boon, as happens at the beginning of each season. New War Boss Spectacular Free and premium rewards For buyers with Fortnite’s virtual currency paVos.

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