Why WhatsApp forcibly converts profile photos

WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide, It is the most widely used instant messaging application. Often, updates are made to meet consumer needs, and this is exactly what has happened. New changes are related to the profile photo that can be viewed without having to open the chat.

As reported by the special site WaBetaInfo, The new feature is related to the appearance of notifications when receiving a new message. Until now, the previewer kept track of a portion of the sender and chat object, but now it’s a new addition When the alert arrives, it is possible to view the contact’s profile photo.

This change applies to both In private and group chats, The thumbnail will appear on the left edge of the screen. As a test phase, for now It is only available for beta version on iOS 15.

“WhatsApp may encounter some issues when adding profile photos to specific notifications: since this is a beta function, we should expect new updates to improve functionality soon,” they warned from a special portal in the app.

Photo: WaBetaInfo
Photo: WaBetaInfo

Like other tools in development, bugs are fixed as they appear, thereby preventing them from recurring when they have a large arrival. Estimated as This functionality will soon be available for other operating systems such as Android.

In this way, Mark Zuckerberg’s messaging app integrates with other applications, such as Messenger and Facebook chat. The moment you receive a message, a profile photo of the user’s social network will appear.

This novelty This is not the only time WhatsApp plans to apply in 2022, But shortcuts to get the best user experience are the goal of those responsible for the application. It was announced that a new release would be possible under this prototype Transcription of audio messages, Given the opportunity to be a voice memoir that cannot be operated for a variety of reasons.

Stickers are used to graphically express different emotions or reactions.
Stickers are used to graphically express different emotions or reactions. WhatsApp – Europa Press

On the other hand, Stickers are important again Because of the great popularity they have gained in recent times and the applications that are often given to them in conversations are taken into account. But, to create your own, it is necessary to have an additional application, so it is in the process of creating a functionality that is directly linked to WhatsApp.

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