Why Was Rich Pyle Fired From American Jewelry? Explained


Here’s Why Rich Pyle Was Fired From American Jewelry? Come out in 2010, Hardcore Pawn is an American Television series that includes nine seasons.

In 2015  the last season premiered as a super hit. USA, RDFand Richard Dominic have produced this series, originally aired on truTV. 

The series is about Les Gould, an American jewelry and loan magnate, and third-generation moneylender and businessman. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that Pyle began to explore opportunities in the entertainment industry.

He became interested in the pawn shop business and began working at American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit. Pyle quickly made a name for himself at the shop, thanks to his friendly personality and ability to connect with customers.

Les opens his shop in Oak Park. The business grew, and he opened his next shop in Pontiac. In the first episode, you must have seen the location of season 5 and in season 6th there are two episodes. 

In this episode, Seth tries to sell the Pontiac location without telling Les. He is the co-owners son of the shop. After completing their graduation, he began studying at the University of Michigan and he was made a co-owner of American Jewelry.

He believes that the shop is doing so well only because of him and He knows the part of the marketing division. Otherwise, it will only occupy the position of an advertisement in the magazine.

Pyle’s success in American Jewelry and Loans led to other opportunities in the entertainment industry. He appeared as a guest on various talk shows, including The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Why Was Rich Pyle Fired From American Jewelry

He also made appearances on other reality shows, such as Hardcore Pawn and Storage Wars.

He has completed a  Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America and has worked above 15 years in the shop. During her working years, she went on three years of maternity leave.

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Pyle’s career hit a roadblock in 2018 when he was fired from American Jewelry and Loan.

The main theme of the series is the conflict between Ashley and Seth, which portrays the sibling rivalry between the two.

Why Was Rich Pyle Fired From American Jewelry?

Rich Pyle has been a part of the Hardcore Pawn Chain for over 25 years and has worked as the pawn shop manager. However, he was let go in 2012 and is no longer a part of the show.

When asked by him why he was suddenly removed from his post. He said that this took him by surprise and that due to legal conditions, he could not reveal much of what was inside the story.

He revealed in an interview that he had a new idea in his mind where he was planning to use his skills in precious metals and interact in an unseen way. He said that it is about bringing some change in the gold-selling parties which everyone used to do at that time.

Why Was Rich Pyle Fired From American Jewelry

Middlemen who transport precious metals to refineries are involved in the gold business. What Richard did was that he cut out these middlemen and decided to do that work on his own.

He added that he realized that trade accounts for 96.5% of national consumption and that only 3.5% is responsible for the consumption of precious metals. 

However, he received a call from the National Geographic Channel, which marked a turning point in his thinking. This could be the reason why he was less focused on his work, leaving him in the realm of possibilities. 

Bobby Janis, also a former Hardcore Pawn employee, revealed in an interview that he knew the reason why  Rich was laid off from the show. He said that the awkward situation had arisen even before the final decision to sack Rich was taken.

He said that rich TV is becoming more important than his job. He was captivated by the charm and popularity the show offered. He added that this was also reflected in episodes where Rich was seen taking pictures with people and carrying a coffee mug in his hand. 

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He was everywhere except where he was supposed to be. In one case, Rich lost the store’s money, and some of the people who came to the store may have betrayed him when he took away precious gold jewelry right under everyone’s noses. 

According to him, this was the final incident that led to Rich being fired from the Hardcore Pawn Series.

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