Why no one in the United States uses WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging processor

The Technical failure due to resistance Sites Facebook Created unrest and economic losses, mainly Share, Instant messaging app with approximately 2 billion users in 180 countries. However, The problem did not affect how the application was conceived in the country of birth.

Contrary to what one might think, there is courier service 20% are US smartphone users, According to a survey Pew Research Center.

When cell phones became popular in the 1990s, sending and receiving SMS Text Messages (Short News Service) Expensive for Americans. The plans included a limited news package and raised the monthly subscription fee beyond that.

With infrastructure expansion, 2G technology, High coverage and great competition from companies for customers, communication through SMS was significantly improved.

From that moment on, mobile phone companies started offering plans Unlimited calls and SMS for free, Made the option of sending and receiving text messages very popular.

However, the hiring of an Internet data set raised the bill. Although SMS was included in the contract, Americans were in the habit of using them.

Facebook Messenger on WhatsApp

The use of other messaging applications is not uncommon in the United States, but was already established in many markets before WhatsApp.

News applications, according to data from the market analysis site Statista Fasttime (34%), Zoom in (34%) and Snapshot (28%) over WhatsApp (25%). When, Facebook Messenger Most Used Option (87%) By the Americans.

Facebook Messenger, Americans Favorite Ambassador.  Photo: Capture.

Facebook Messenger, Americans Favorite Ambassador. Photo: Capture.

But when it comes down to it Latin community in North America, Things will change: About 50% of this population use WhatsApp, Mainly because many people interact with contacts in other countries.

In the remaining Latin American countries, in practice Everything happens and communicates through WhatsApp: Family news, meetings with friends, groups with colleagues or college, everything happens through this site.

It is one of the most cross-linked social networks. Because young people like such applications Instagram or Tic Tac ToeEveryone is on WhatsApp regardless of age or socioeconomic background.

Facebook services were offline for seven hours, one of the longest drops.  Photo: EFE.

Facebook services were offline for seven hours, one of the longest drops. Photo: EFE.

Some researchers claim to be Americans, unlike people in other regions, such as Europe or Latin America. They don’t have much contact abroad, As in Latin. So they have no problem sending SMS to another country (indicating extra cost) like other regions.

“One of the main reasons for its popularity in Latin America is that it was one of the first options available in the region Keep instant contact 100% free. It’s able to avoid SMS charges levied by mobile operators, ”they wrote on the Digital Trends blog.

Navigation of the iPhone

Being an element that adds to the tendency for Americans to continue to use SMS IPhone. In fact, the phone made by Apple is almost used 50% of US mobile users.

Its iOS platform, which runs its flagship cell phones, has been adapted from its earliest versions Instant messaging application iMessage To the SMS site provided by cellular companies, so the use of these text messages was not affected as happened on WhatsApp on Monday.

The iMessage messaging app is exclusive to Apple devices.

The iMessage messaging app is exclusive to Apple devices.

When iPhone holders send messages to each other, The phone uses its own platform. But, just like Android, if it finds that another phone came from another manufacturer, it will use the SMS network.

In addition, the ability to create groups on WhatsApp is another feature that could change the SMS culture that has become so entrenched among Americans in recent decades.


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