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Who Killed Sara Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More!

who killed sara season 3

If you want to know more about the third season of Who Killed Sara? (Quién Mató a Sara? in Spanish), You’re in the right place.

We don’t know exactly what happened to Sara Guzmán or what she was hiding behind that front, but we can’t wait to find out in the third season. We’re hooked on the crime drama, and now that we know when it will come out, we’re channeling our inner detective (so many theories!).

Who did Sara in? Premiered in late March 2021, and after a cliffhanger ending (if you need a refresher, we have a cheat sheet for the Who Killed Sara? season 1 ending), season two came out in mid-May (yes, with another cliffhanger finale).

The killer (no pun intended) cast of Who Killed Sara? Helped make the Mexican show a hit. Since it started, an estimated 55 million people have watched, which is why we can’t wait for season 2…

Who’s in the Season 3 Cast of “Who Killed Sara?”

Quién Mató a Sara? It returns for its last season with a big-name cast member. Jean Reno (well known for Léon) plays Reinaldo, a mystery doctor with a shocking connection to Sara’s history.

Reno isn’t the only new addition to Season 3’s cast. Maite Perroni, who recently starred in Netflix’s Dark Desire, will make a cameo appearance in the drama. Do we get a peek of her in the Who Killed Sara? Trailer, but Netflix has not confirmed who she is playing.

Along with the new cast members, the previous two seasons’ stars are returning. Season 3 sees the return of the following characters and actors:

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What Will Happen in the Third Season of Who Killed Sara?

We’ve already said that we still don’t know who killed Sara, so the plot will probably go on similarly.

We now know that the person who cut the parachute harness was Marifer, actually Sara’s half-sister. But Nicandro’s phone call with someone he called “Doctor” showed that wasn’t why she died. From what they said, it was clear they were to blame for her death but were they? Given how many twists and turns there were in the first two seasons, we wouldn’t bet our last dollar on it.

In an interview with Esquire, Carolina Miranda said that not even the actors know or can say who the killer is. “Everyone tells me when we’re drinking at a party, and they see I’m having fun, ‘Oh, by the way, who killed Sara?'”

“And I’m like, Come on; I have nothing to say. My mom would say the same thing to me. For example, “I’m your mother. I’m your mother, so you need to tell me.’ [Laughs]. “No, mom, please, it’s my job!”

She also said what she wanted to happen to Elisa’s character in the third season.

“When I think about Elisa, I want her to go crazy and find out everything. Then she can be the bad guy in the story and lose all of the truth, justice, and good person she is,” she said. “It might be interesting to see that Elisa isn’t always a good person. It could be the bad guy from season three. But I’m not sure! I didn’t write it.”

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‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3 Release Date?

Who Killed Sara? I will be back on Netflix on Wednesday, May 18. So, mark your calendars! We’re glad to hear that there will be more drama after the season 2 finale of Who Killed Sara? Especially to tie up some loose ends and answer all of our questions.

Season 3 of Who Killed Sara has come to an end.

Who Killed Sara season 3 has too many different things going on. There are a lot of secrets, weird experiments, and backstabbers, which are not only confusing and crazy but also make for a deliciously twisted show. This isn’t the best thriller out there, but none of us can stop watching after three seasons.

You can watch Who Killed Sara on Netflix

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