Who Killed Kate in the Weekend Away: Did Kate Love Rob?

The murder mystery movie “The Weekend Away” on Netflix is about Beth and Kate, who are best friends, and how they spend a weekend away in Croatia. Kate keeps pushing them to spend the night at a disco bar, where two men try to pick them up.

When Beth wakes up after a dreamy night, she finds that Kate is gone. As Beth tries to find her friend, she keeps learning shocking things that change the way her personal life works.

The thrilling mystery movie, which was directed by Kim Farrant, comes to a stunning end. If you want to know more about how the movie ends, let’s talk about it!

Plot of The Weekend Away

Beth and Kate start their weekend trip together in Croatia, where they meet up with their best friend Beth. When Kate finds out that Beth hasn’t had a sexual partner in a year, she asks Beth about her troubled marriage to Rob.

Beth and Kate go to a disco bar at Kate’s insistence, hang out with two handsome men, and invite them to their house.

The next morning, when Beth wakes up, she has a vague memory of the night before and realizes that Kate is gone. She calls a Syrian taxi driver named Zain and asks him to help her find Kate.

Beth and Zain find Mateo and Luka, the two escorts who went with Beth and Kate because they think they have something to do with Kate going missing.

who killed kate in the weekend away

But one of them comes clean and says they are not. Beth goes to the police to report that someone has gone missing. Rob, meanwhile, goes to Croatia to help Beth.

They soon find out that Kate has died. The police say that there has been a murder. Beth opens Kate’s phone and looks at the texts she and Rob sent to each other.

She knows that Rob was cheating on her with Kate. Sebastian tells the police about the affair, which leads them to suspect that Beth killed Kate.

Beth is let go by the police because they don’t have enough proof to hold her. When she goes back to her room, she finds that Sebastian has hidden a camera in every room.

She goes into his computer room without his permission and watches the videos from the day Kate went missing.

Beth figures out that Mateo and Luka are thieves, but she also sees that Kate took a taxi that night. She meets Zain to talk to the taxi driver, who tells them that he dropped Kate off at the police station.

Who Really Killed Kate?

Even though they were told that Pavic was the one who killed Kate, the real killer is Rob, who is Beth’s boyfriend.

who killed kate in the weekend away

When Beth gets home from what happened in Croatia, she meets up with her boyfriend Rob and makes a shocking discovery. She finds a piece of Kate’s jewelry in Rob’s jacket pocket, and it all makes sense.

When Beth asks Rob about Kate, he says that he went to Croatia to see her in secret. Here, we find out that the CCTV footage showed Rob, not Officer Pavic.

Rob doesn’t tell Beth that he and Kate were having an affair, but when Kate told him that their relationship didn’t mean anything, he got mad and hit her.

He pushed Kate to the ground, where she hit her head, fell into the water, and died.

Beth seems like she might be Rob’s next victim for a moment, but she fights him off and gets out of the house as police cars arrive.

Did Kate Love Rob?

No, Kate did not love Rob. Rob starts to tell Beth the truth when he realizes that Beth knows he killed Kate. He knows he can’t tell Beth the truth because he wants to make up with her.

So, he makes up a lie: Kate made him leave Beth, and they got into a fight when he told Kate he can’t leave his wife. But Rob wanted to end his marriage to Beth so he could live with Kate.

On the night Kate dies, she tells Rob that everything they did together was just a rebound fling and the biggest mistake of her life.

Rob feels hurt when Kate says that he doesn’t mean anything to her. He’s afraid of losing both Kate and Beth, so he tells her not to tell Beth anything, even if Beth doesn’t want him.

This keeps his marriage together, even if Beth doesn’t want him. Rob lies to Beth instead of telling her the truth.

who killed kate in the weekend away

He says that Kate wanted him, but he turned her down because he cared more about Beth. Even though Rob tries to prove his lie, Beth knows she can’t trust him anymore and walks away as the police come to arrest him.

The Weekend Away Ending Explained

When Beth finds out that Kate is missing for the first time, she calls the police. This is where we meet Pavic, a grumpy police officer who looks suspicious when he sees Kate’s picture for the first time.

As the movie goes on, Beth tries to figure out what happened before Kate went missing, and she starts to think Pavic might have had something to do with it.

The last scene of “The Weekend Away” is a wild chase through the city of Split that ends with a standoff on a rooftop. Beth accuses Pavic of killing Kate. She thinks he did it because she turned down his sexual advances.

Pavic is angry, but before he can say anything, the police officer falls to his death from the roof.

Officer Kovac, who worked with Pavic, tells us that he did try to hit on Kate and was turned down, and CCTV footage shows a man who looks a bit like Pavic down by the beach on the night Kate died.

It is also shown that Pavic has a criminal record because several women he arrested for sex work in the past accused him of assault, but he was never punished.

But even though everyone thinks the case is over, The Weekend Away has one more surprise up its sleeve.

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