Who Is Yungblud Dating? The Relationship Between Jesse Jo Stark and Him

Who does Yungblud go out with? At this point, Yungblud’s girlfriend is Jesse Jo Stark. The British musician recently told the woman he was seeing her by posting a series of pictures with her on his Instagram account. In the same post, he also said that Jesse was “his first love.” Jesse Jo wrote “I love you, sweetie” in response to the singer-post songwriter’s on Instagram.

She then shared the photos with her followers on her Instagram story. It’s been a long time since the musician and singer Miley Cyrus were said to be dating, but now Yungblud has confirmed that he is dating Jesse Jo.

The report says that Yungblud and Jesse Jo have known each other for a long time. People say that the two of them have been dating for a few months. She was in Yungblud’s music video for the song “Strawberry Lipstick” from the year before. During this time, it was also found out that the 23-year-old helped with the cover art and Polaroid pictures for Jesse’s “Die Young” music video.

Who is Yungblud Dating?

Jo Stark is an American singer and writer of songs. She is not only Bella Hadid’s best friend, but she is also a fashion designer. Bella is a supermodel. Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark, who now have a 30-year-old child, brought their child into the world in Los Angeles, California.

Jesse Jo Stark has been involved in the design industry in some way since she was six years old. Chrome Hearts is a well-known design company that was started by her parents, who also gave the business its name. Later in her career, the artist became interested in independent music and started putting songs she recorded on YouTube.

In 2017, she put out her first single as a solo artist. It was called “Driftwood,” and it was released on her own label, “Sugar Jones Music.” Jesse Jo Stark has put out a few singles under her name, and in 2018, she put out an EP called “Dandelion” as her debut. After seeing Sunflower Bean and The Vaccines, Jesse gave his stamp of approval to the Los Angeles-based record label “We Are Hear.” “Tangerine,” which came out about a year ago, and “Die Young,” which also came out about a year ago, are her most recent singles. She has also put out a line of dresses under the name “Deadly Doll.”

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The Relationship Between Jesse Jo Stark and Youngblud

Even though they have known each other for a long time, they are still getting to know each other as a couple. Yungblud first posted about Jesse on his social media site when he was promoting his song “Strawberry Lipstick.” Jesse’s appearance came as a surprise.

No one knows when the couple started dating or how they met. In any case, romantic stories about the two started to spread when Yungblud wished Jesse Jo Stark a happy birthday in April. He posted several close-up pictures of the two of them and said that she has the biggest heart of anyone he has ever met.

The singer of the band “Loner” also gave Jesse a guitar for her birthday. Scribblefrog, who made the guitar, recently said on his TikTok channel that the gift was made just for the person who got it. Since last year, people have also seen two or three of them open more than once.

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