Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating? Who is Harry Girlfriend Sveta Bilyalova?

Who’s Harry Jowsey going out with? Harry is an Australian model and business owner who lives in Los Angeles. He became famous on YouTube and was on the Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle. People who like Harry Jowsey often want to know, “Who is Harry Jowsey dating?” Read this story all the way through to find out who Harry Jowsey is dating.

Who Exactly is Harry Jowsey?

Harry Jowsey became well-known after he went against the provocative rules of the Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Because of how well he did on the show, the Australian model is now well-known and has millions of fans.

The Australian, who is 22 years old, was born in Los Angeles on May 24, 1997, and still lives there. Jowsey, who is 6 feet 5 inches tall, was a model and business owner before he became a reality TV star. He started a clothing company called Naughty Possums, so people who liked him were called “little possums.” In 2018, Jowsey was on a New Zealand dating show called Heartbreak Island. But he really got people’s attention when he broke the rules on the April 2020 reality dating show Too Hot to Handle.

Who is Dating Harry Jowsey?

Harry Jowsey, a famous TV star, is currently dating Sveta Bilyalova. Harry’s recent trip to Dubai seems to have been especially memorable because he spent quality time with his girlfriend. Sveta is well-known on social media and has gotten a lot of sponsorship because of it. She has also been on the cover of the magazine Sports Illustrated.

Harry said, as he talked about how his relationship with Sveta was getting stronger, that the best part of being with her was seeing how happy and grateful she was to be there. The TV star went on to compliment the Russian beauty, saying that she had a good attitude and a nice personality. He is also a very open-minded and accepting person when it comes to the ups and downs of the industry.

Relationship of Harry Jowsey and Sveta Bilyalova

The actor said that Bilyalova and the former Too Hot to Handle star got along because they both had to deal with public relationships while being in the spotlight. Also, each of them has their own job on OnlyFans. Jowsey said that they started talking after he read her direct messages. Watch as TV star Harry Jowsey lets you in on some secrets.

Harry also said that he didn’t know what his relationship with Bilyalova was. Still, they are having fun and lining up right now. After his relationship with Francesca Farago was hard, he proved he could handle something important. Jowsey added that he had already told Sveta that he would help her if there was a natural disaster. He went on to say that his girlfriend sometimes feels like she doesn’t belong.

Who is Harry Jowsey Girlfriend Sveta Bilyalova?

She was born in Moscow, Russia, on January 13, 1992. She grew up in Russia with her sister, Anna Bilyalova. She went to the Russian People’s Friendship University and got a bachelor’s degree in Publications. Sveta became interested in fashion and modelling when she was young. After she graduated from high school, she went to America with her friend and manager, Diana Melson, to follow her dreams. Anna, who is a year younger than her, lives with her in Los Angeles, California.

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Who Was Dating Harry Jowsey?

After working together on the series, Fargo and Jowsey’s relationship on-screen continued on and off from April 2019 to June 2020. They were split up many times before they got back together. Jowsey’s co-star on Too Hot to Handle, Chloe Veitch, said that he went out with someone else in 2019 before he and Farago got back together. On the other hand, Farago didn’t seem to care. During the Too Hot to Handle virtual reunion in May, Jowsey proposed to her with a Ring Pop over Zoom, and she said yes. But they broke up again soon after, and this time it was for good.

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