July 5, 2022

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Who Has the Most Followers on Tiktok?

who has the most followers on tiktok

The number of monthly active users on TikTok has reached one billion as of January 2022, and the app has been downloaded onto three billion different devices. It should come as no surprise that it has become into one of the most widely used social media channels.

However, which profiles are getting the most attention and thus the most followers? The following is a list of the 20 TikTok accounts that receive the most followers. Find out who you should be following and the strategies they’ve used to amass millions of video views, then apply those strategies to your own content.

The 20 TikTok Users Who Will Have the Most Followers in 2022

1. Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

As of January 2022, Charli D’Amelio has more than 134 million followers on TikTok, making her the user with the most followers on the app overall. And it’s not only in terms of the number of people that follow her on TikTok; she’s in the lead there, too.

She is reportedly one of the TikTok stars that made more money than the CEOs of various companies that are included on the S&P 500 index, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. According to projections made by Forbes magazine, she will bring home a staggering $17.5 million in 2021.

It is through dance that she has been able to ascend to the top of the TikTok charts and become one of the most highly paid influencers. If you are wondering how she did this, the answer is dancing.

She gained widespread recognition after the Jonas Brothers and The Tonight Show took notice of her dance moves after they went popular on the video sharing platform TikTok. Then, one thing led to another, which ultimately resulted in a large number of followers and financial gain.

2. Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)

On TikTok, where she has 87 million followers, Bella has the most following she has anywhere online. She had a career in the United States Navy before she started using social media.

Now, she’s into a different kind of uniform, which is called cosplay, but the video in which she lip-syncs “M to the B” by Millie B has received the most likes. The song was originally performed by Millie B.

She has been using the site for a little over a year, and Exact NetWorth estimates that she earns over $30,000 for each sponsored TikTok video that she posts.

In terms of her net worth, a number of web publications estimate that it is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $300,000, but Exact NetWorth believes that it might be as high as $2 million.

TikTok also announced that it will be releasing its very first NFT collection in the month of September 2021. It was planned to feature a number of different collaborations, including a track that Bella and Grimes worked on together. TikTok was not successful in producing this NFT or any of the other digital collectibles that were intended.

3. Zach King (@zachking)

Zach King is a well-known internet personality and illusionist from the United States. He is well renowned for his short-form digital sleight of hand videos, which, as of January 2022, have earned more than 840 million likes together. He is based in Los Angeles.

Even before he became famous on TikTok, he had already won a lot of accolades for his videos, including competitions such as the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and the NextUp Creators Contest on YouTube.

Recently, he was honoured with a Streamy Award for Best Visual and Special Effects for a video that he created (his third Streamy award to date). Nevertheless, winning Mr. Beast’s The Creator Games 3 is likely the achievement that he can be most proud of.

4. Kimberly Loaiza (@kimberly.loaiza)

Kimberly Loaiza is one of the most influential people on YouTube, and she is also one of the most influential people on TikTok when it comes to social media. She is presently ranked as the most influential TikTok user in Mexico by HypeAuditor, as reported by the website.

As of the beginning of the year 2022, she has close to 60 million followers. Her videos receive over 23,000 comments and slightly over 9 million views for each post on average. According to HypeAuditor, approximately three percent of her postings make it to the “For you” page, and the viral video potential of her videos is regarded as high.

Even while her vlogs and challenge videos have brought her the most attention, she has also put out four songs. In the year 2021, it was projected that her worth was approximately $17.5 million.

5. Burak Ozdemir (@cznburak)

who has the most followers on tiktok

Burak Ozdemir, well known by his stage name CZN Burak, is a Turkish restaurateur and chef. As of the beginning of the year 2022, he has amassed close to 56 million followers, and HypeAuditor estimates that each of his posts receives an average of 2.5 million views.

His accomplishment is not limited to the realm of digital media. In addition to that, he is the proprietor of the restaurant franchise known as Hatay Civilizations Table, which has four locations in total, one of which is located in Dubai. His claim to fame is the enormous amounts of Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine as well as other popular items such as hot dogs and burgers that he serves for his customers. He also makes kebabs.

Not only is the food he serves enormous, but so is the grin that accompanies it. When he is in the kitchen, he smiles broadly from ear to ear and looks right into the camera.

6. Khabane Lame (@khaby.lame)

who has the most followers on tiktok

Khabane Lame, also known as just Khaby, is the male TikTok influencer who has amassed slightly over 130 million followers, making him the platform’s most popular influencer overall. He was born in Senegal but raised in Italy, and his claim to fame on TikTok is a series of short comedic skits on how people can make basic things, like cutting a cake, more difficult than they need to be. In the same vein as Mr. Bean, he can make you laugh even when he’s not speaking. His characteristic expression is the one that conveys the most information.

TikTok was his first stop once he was laid off during the coronavirus shutdown, which is a fascinating footnote to this story. His videos that make fun of other types of videos, such as those that teach life hacks, demonstrate that you do not necessarily need to be able to dance or sing (or lip-sync) in order to be successful on TikTok.

7. Addison Rae (@addisonre)

who has the most followers on tiktok

Addison Rae is probably best recognised for her collection of dance videos. After she signed up for TikTok, it didn’t take her more than a few months to amass her first million followers. After an additional year and a half, she now has over 86 million followers on Instagram.

She is not demonstrating any symptoms of slowing down, and she has had an excellent start to the year 2022. In January of 2022, she was awarded her first NFTs and named the Global Brand Ambassador for Vital Proteins, both of which occurred in the same month. Her NFTs collection, which has 7,777 one-of-a-kind items, sold out almost quickly after it was released.

8.Will Smith (@willsmith)

There are users of TikTok who are not members of the millennial demographic or who are renowned solely for the stuff they produce for social media. TikTok is yet another platform that famous people are using to communicate with their legions of devoted followers. Will Smith is now ranked sixth overall in terms of the number of followers he has on TikTok at the time this article was written.

His content has been liked more than 424 million times, and he has just about reached the milestone of 65 million followers. Online commenters, on the other hand, have postulated that the high quality of his films is the reason he has achieved such widespread popularity on a network that primarily targets younger audiences. In point of fact, he primarily takes issue with this aspect of the argument.

Some users are upset by the fact that he most likely works with a group of experienced producers who are responsible for editing his films. Even the possibility that his movie ventures might financially support his content creation has been brought up.

Because of this, and the fact that he became famous long before many of the TikTok stars of today were even born, he does not have as much of a need for the platform as do other creators who utilise it to make a career off of it. On the other hand, it is a free country, and at the end of the day, he does publish content that is amusing and of a good quality.

9. Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio)

Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio’s younger sister, is Dixie D’Amelio’s inspiration and she is following in her footsteps. Dixie is more focused on her musical career, in contrast to her sister, who is better recognised for her dance talents. She has, as of this writing, put out a couple of singles.

In point of fact, the music video for her debut single was YouTube’s most popular trending video for some time, and she has shared the stage with notable musicians such as the Jonas Brothers and Ed Sheeran.

Even while she has a sizable following of her own on TikTok, she is not entirely focused on pursuing a career as a solo artist at this point. In addition to that, she and her sister launched a sitcom on Hulu called “The D’Amelio Show.” The show was picked up for a second season before it had even aired its pilot episode, which was broadcast in the beginning of September 2021. It has not yet been decided when the second season will be made available to the public.

According to estimates provided by Forbes, the two sisters’ combined earnings totaled close to $28 million in total. In order to put this into perspective, it was calculated that this would be “just” $7 million in 2020.

10. Spencer X (@spencerx)

Spencer X is a well-known social media celebrity and beatboxer from the United States. On TikTok, where he posts his original songs, beatboxing cover songs, beatboxing tutorials, and collaborative efforts, he calls himself the Mouth Music Man.

Spencer X is one of the TikTok stars that earns the most money. He has about 55 million followers on the app, and his videos have been liked more than 1.3 billion times. It is estimated that he brings in approximately $1.2 million every year.

Not only has he garnered the attention of his followers on TikTok, but the platform itself has also taken note of him. In the year 2020, it was revealed by TikTok that he would get a piece of the Creator Fund from TikTok. He has also worked with well-known musicians like Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar after attracting the attention of some of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry.