Who Are Zen McGrath Parents?

Zen McGrath is an Australian actor who is most known for his depiction of Nicholas Miller in the Hugh Jackman starring 2022’s drama film “The Son”.

His previous acting credits include the short film “Risen,” in which he played the lead role. In the 2014 drama film “Aloft,” directed by Claudia Llosa, he made his acting debut as young Ivan.

Zen McGrath Parents

Who Are Zen McGrath’s Parents?

Craig McGrath and Heidi Chapman welcomed Zen McGrath into the world on July 30, 2002. They Welcomed him to Melbourne, Australia, and sparked his interest in acting Zen is now a well-known actor who has been in over seven films and TV programs.

Zen McGrath Parents

Red Dog: True Blue (2016), Pile (2017), Aloft (2014), Dig (2015), and Red Dog: True Blue (2020). But among them, The Son is without a doubt the one who made Zen famous (2022). 

He portrays Nicholas Miller, a despondent teenage kid who is the main character in that film. The 17-year-Old decides to move live with his father Peter a few years after his parents’ divorce because he no longer thinks he can stay with his mother Kate.

Though Nicholas’s mental health problems are serious, he begins to rebel against his father and his new partner Beth (Vanessa Kirby).

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