Where Does Heartland Take Place and When Does it Happen?

Season 14 of the long-running family comedy-drama Heartland has just been added to Netflix in the US, which is great news for fans of the show.

In honor of the show’s debut on the streaming service, we talk about where it was filmed and where the story takes place. We also give an episode guide for the most recent chapter.

Heartland was created by Murray Shostak for CBC and debuted in October 2007. It is based on Lauren Brooke’s book series with the same name, which tells the story of Amy Fleming and her older sister as they live on their family ranch in Alberta.

When Does Heartland Happen?

The first episode of “Heartland,” which first aired in 2007, shows Amy, 15, and Lou, 23, grieving over the death of their mother.

The show shows how they change over time, especially Amy, who starts as a confused high school student and ends up as a widowed single mother who runs the ranch with her family.

where does heartland take place

In the books, the story starts in the early 2000s, and it looks like the show will do the same and stay in the same period. So, season 1 seems to take place in the 2000s, and the rest of the seasons go from there to the present day.

The way the characters dress and the fact that they use technology to make it seem like they are all living in the present.

At the start of Season 3, Amy is seen using a computer to read an online article about herself. Also, unlike traditional healing practices, the methods and techniques used to treat the horses use newer psychological methods.

Aside from that, Lou and Peter talk to each other for the first time through email. They then go on a date, which is pretty common in relationships these days. So, the show’s timeline is based on the characters’ lives.

Where Does the Story of Heartland Happen?

In Lauren Brooke’s books, the Heartland ranch is in Virginia, but the show is set in Hudson, Alberta, where the Fleming-Bartlett family lives.

The movie’s title ranch is at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and Jack owns a fishing cabin a few hours away from it.

The show shows how things work on a horse ranch and in the countryside of the American West. There are a few cattle farms and dude ranches in Alberta. So, it’s likely that the background of “Heartland” is based on them.

Also, most of the show is shot on a real ranch in Millarville, Alberta, called the Heartland Ranch, as well as in the town of High River.

The barn and other buildings we see on the show are real. They were built by Roy Foster’s family, who used to live on the ranch.

With places like Maggie’s Diner, the fictional town of Hudson in the series shows the charm of small towns. Ty’s work takes him to Mongolia, where an important part of season 10 takes place.

In the end, “Heartland” mostly takes place on horse ranches in Alberta, and the setting is one of the most important parts of the story.

Can You Go to Heartland Ranch?

The real Heartland Ranch is privately owned, so you can’t go there. The owner doesn’t let anyone else in except the cast and crew while they are filming.

But you can see the ranch from afar, and fans can go to Maggie’s diner in High River and look in from the outside to see the set.

Fans can also see costumes and other things from the show at the Museum of the Highwood. If you’re lucky, you might even see the crew’s trailers parked behind the museum while they’re filming.

where does heartland take place

If you like the show, High River is a great place to visit. In addition to the museum and Maggie’s diner, the town has shops where you can buy Heartland souvenirs.

Don’t forget to walk around George Lane Memorial Park if you’re in High River. Here is where you can find the famous red gazebo where Amy and Georgie’s high school graduation took place.

Where Can I Watch the TV Show Heartland?

If you haven’t seen Heartland yet, you can watch it on CBS, Netflix, and here on Amazon Prime to see what everyone is talking about!

Heartland’s most recent season is only available on Netflix in a small number of countries right now. If you live in the US, you can watch Heartland Season 14 on UPTV or stream it on Up Faith & Family. Also, check out our guide to where you can watch Season 15 of Heartland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Town in Heartland Get Call?

The name of the town is High River. But most of Heartland was shot in a small town in Alberta called Millarville. There are a lot of things to see and do in those beautiful Calgary towns where Heartland was filmed.

Is Heartland Based on a Book?

Since the first episode of the Canadian TV drama “Heartland” aired in 2007, it has gained a huge number of fans. Based on the same-named book series, the show follows a young woman named Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) after a tragedy in her family.

Where is the Real Heartland Ranch?

All of the outside shots of the Heartland Ranch, including the house, barn, paddock, jumping area, and dude ranch, were taken in and around High River, Alberta, which stands in for the made-up town of Hudson. About 50 miles south of Calgary, on the east side of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is the town of the High River.

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