July 19, 2022

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When Is Season 2 of Dive Club Coming Out: Plot, Cast and Who Will Return for Season 2 ?

When Is Season 2 of Dive Club Coming Out

Dive Club was released on Netflix on Sept. 3, and it rapidly became a popular with teens all over. Fans are now eager for a Dive Club season 2, and we’re going to tell you everything we know about a prospective season 2.

This teen drama series will sort of reminding you of Outer Banks with its lovely island backdrop and the premise revolves around a group of teens solving a mystery. When a group of teenagers goes diving to look for a missing friend, they discover some hidden treasure along the way. As a result, it has the same eerie atmosphere as the Outer Banks.

When Is Season 2 of Dive Club Coming Out

However, this new Netflix original series is classified as TV-G, making it more kid-friendly compared to Outer Banks‘s TV-MA rating. Dive Club would be a wonderful alternative for young teens who want to watch a mystery TV show since it’s oriented towards kids. The first season of the teen drama leaves many unsolved concerns, so a second season is certainly a possibility. We’ll go through what we know thus far regarding Dive Club season 2 in the sections that follow.

Dive Club Has Aired for How Many Seasons So Far?

Dive Club is only available in its first season on Netflix at this time. We can only hope that the platform will soon witness the release of new seasons.

Will There Be a Dive Club Season 2?

Netflix has yet to confirm a second season renewal at the time of this writing. This isn’t surprising considering the series only premiered on Sept. 3, and Netflix generally waits a while before announcing a new season.

The streamer normally announces renewals within a month of a show’s newest release. So, there’s a probability that Dive Club will get a renewal at the beginning of October. We can only hope that this show will be renewed for a second season shortly!

Season 1 had 12 episodes, thus we can assume a second season will have the same number of episodes.

When is Dive Club Season 2 Filming?

As we reported earlier, season 2 has not been renewed by Netflix. But if it is renewed by the end of the year, we expect production to begin straight away, so filming might begin as early as this fall or winter. Don’t worry. We’ll update you with season 2 filming details when we find out more information.

Season 2 Premiere Date for Dive Club (Expected)

Since this teen sitcom hasn’t been renewed for a second season, we don’t have an official release date. We, on the other hand, have some ideas. Dive Club debuted on 10 Shake in May 2021 before making its way to Netflix. If this show follows the same pattern for a hypothetical second season, this means we’ll have to wait for the second season to conclude its run on 10 Shake before it lands on Netflix.

When Is Season 2 of Dive Club Coming Out

We must also keep in mind that Netflix releases new seasons of its series about once every year on average. So our best forecast, for now, would be a late summer or early fall 2022 delivery date.

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The second season could arrive early. It all relies on if the series receives the green light from Netflix. Keep your fingers crossed for the second season of this young drama! Stay tuned for (hopefully) more news on Dive Club season 2.

Who Will Return for Season 2 of Dive Club?

For the second season of Dive Club, the majority of the cast is expected to return. Maddie is played by Miah Madden, while Lauren, Aubri, and Hayden are all played by Georgia May (The Outpost), while Sana’s Shaik (Stevie) and Sana’s Ibrag (Anna) are all played by Sana’s Ibrag.

Sana’s Shaik portrays Stevie. In addition to Joseph Spanti and Phoenix Mendoza, we should look out for Jai Koutre, Veronica Neave, John McNeill, Kate Peters, and Tim Ross. We should also keep an eye out for Yasmin Kassim. We should anticipate new casts to debut in the new episodes of the second season of Dive Club, just as we would with any other new episode.

The Steve Jaggi Company is in charge of the show’s production, while Nicely Entertainment is in charge of international distribution. Together with Spencer McLaren and Jack Christian and Vanessa Shapiro serving as executive producers, showrunner Steve Jaggi was responsible for producing the series.

Hayley McFarlane, Rhiannon Bannenberg, and Christine Luby are the folks behind the camera for this production. The location of the series’ filming was Port Douglas, in the state of Queensland.

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Many fans are anxiously awaiting the release of DIVE CLUB SEASON 2 online, in part due to the unsolved issues raised by SEE SEASON 2. In addition, the premiere of DIVE CLUB SEASON 2 will take place in a very short length of time. This web series may be seen on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Locations Were Used to Shoot Dive Club?

Set in fictional Cape Mercy, a cyclone smashes across the little hamlet leaving the whereabouts of Lauren unknown. Dive Club was recorded primarily in Australia, notably in Queensland in October 2020 for around four months.


On September 3, 2021, the first season of ‘Dive Club’ was made available in its entirety on Netflix. Before it was available anyplace else, the show premiered in Australia on station 10 Shake on May 29th, 2021 before being made available worldwide. The pilot season is consisting of a total of 12 episodes, each of which is roughly 27 minutes long.

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Around three months after the show premiered in Australia, the first season was made available on Netflix in the United States.

When Is Season 2 of Dive Club Coming Out

Therefore, assuming the show keeps the same schedule for the development and release of new episodes, we will need to wait until the proposed second season has done airing on 10 Shake before it becomes available on the streaming site. The second season of “Dive Club” is expected to be released on Netflix in the third quarter of 2022, assuming everything goes according to plan.