When can I play Dying Lite 2? A map of time zones will answer this question

Techland has already set a date to share this information with the most impatient players.

In the upcoming games in the coming months, Dying Light 2 Stay Human Is one of the most anticipated. That’s it, although the title promises large volumes Action In an apocalyptic environment, this also leaves a good spot History Containing Important results.

Techland will release a time zone map on January 27thIf the combination of these ideas catches your attention, you can set your vision to the next February 4. However, Deckland is fully aware of the existence of players Very excited By its title, that’s why it makes it Time zone map Find out when Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be released in each country.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

In this way, the developers promise to release the said map tomorrow, January 27 Through their social networks, we recommend not to miss the news of Techland on this day. Because even though we still have a week to taste this adventure, at least we can keep in mind his Boot time.

Fortunately, it seems that Development Studio Dying Lite 2 will provide reasons to rejoice during Stay Human. long timeBecause they promise to expand the content of the game In 5 years. In addition, Techland has already described some Plans you have prepared for 2022Include Various DLC Coming in the coming months.

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