WhatsApp Web has been updated and can now be used without the need to connect the phone

One of the limitations I had WhatsApp Internet It was necessary to connect to the phone, it must be enabled and have a stable internet connection. But a few weeks later the Multi-device tool It was in beta, and the functionality was finally enabled for all users.

Allows updates to both the Internet and desktop versions of the messaging app Keep chatting even if our smartphone runs out of battery or loses internet connection, Without losing the synchronization of all these conversations and multimedia content.

WhatsApp’s new multi-device mode has a new configuration that prioritizes sending messages, calls and video calls from any device.

That is, if a WhatsApp message is sent from the computer, the application will send it directly to the recipient. Supports chat on main device Messages need to be synced. Previously, however, the smartphone always acted as an intermediary in this process.

On how many devices can you open the WhatsApp web?

So far, WhatsApp allows you to connect up Four devices Without the need to connect the main smartphone.

The new multi-device mode is available for both mobile apps and the desktop version for iOS and Android, whether used over the Internet or through apps available for macOS and Windows.

Meta-owned messaging apps will also work on the upcoming iPad app in the coming months, which will allow WhatsApp to implement this new multi-device mode beyond the Internet or desktop version.

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