May 15, 2022

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WhatsApp: Trick to send secret messages | Chronicles

Share With over 5 billion users worldwide, it is the most widely used messaging application in the world and one of its most popular tools.Share-3-ways-to-change-the-font-style-in-your-conversations-20220110-0072.html “target =” _ blank “> Allows Change the style of your messages: Change bold, italic, strike and font. Now, The application added a new opportunity.

Most recently, owned the instant messaging site Meta Activates Write “upside down”. That is, the characters are completely upside down and inverted.

Additionally, you can not just share them Share, But in other applications such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger,Share-he-stepped-over-sides-and-now-will-be-CEO-of-one-of-his-main-competitors-20220112-0069.html “target =” _ blank “> Signal, Etc.

How to write “backwards” on WhatsApp?

Everything is possible for the activation process by downloading another application: “is called.FontsTo download it, you need to go to the phone’s app store, search for it, and download it.

This application offers a wide range of fonts and can be implemented without problems Share.

After installation, you need to enter the cell phone settings and go to the “Keyboard” area. Once there, You must change the default font font.

Then, open WhatsApp and enter the chat you want to send the message with back text.

Finally, click on the function “Upside down “ And the font keyboard will automatically reverse the words.

Also, this trick Works on iOS and Android devices.