June 29, 2022

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WhatsApp Plus 2021 18.50.0: Downloads and News

We already have Download WhatsApp Plus 2021 18.50.0, The latest update to this mod (modified version) of the popular instant messaging app. In addition, among its innovations, the improvement in the privacy of conversations stands out.

We have already explained What is WhatsApp Plus 2021?, An alternative to the official version developed by the HeyMods team. It includes many additional features, not only privacy, but also enhances the quality of customization and removes many of the standard limitations of WhatsApp.

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The best innovation of update 18.50.0 is that it allows us Protect chats hidden by fingerprint lock. And it is possible Lock WhatsApp by Fingerprint In standard usage, but hidden chats are exclusively available in mods, until now they do not support it.

Developers of WhatsApp Plus 2021 received complaints It was easy to forget the password for hidden chatsThat’s why they added this extra security system.

Image - WhatsApp Plus 2021 18.50.0: Download and News

On the other hand, they have Bugs in theme store fixed, Something the previous update had already focused on. The WhatsApp Plus 2021 theme store offers many designs, but it does not run very smoothly, so these improvements will be appreciated.

WhatsApp Plus 2021 is probably the most popular WhatsApp Mots At the moment, third-party adaptations on Android take its potential even further. It is not officially allowed to use mods and they may expel us from the site, but in recent times the company has not followed these plans.

If we’re already users, it’s easy Real WhatsApp Plus From the application, we add a link to install otherwise at the end of the article APK on Android from outside the Play Store, Because Google Store does not support mods.

In our opinion, If you do not know whatsapp plus 2021 18.50.0 is something to try, The ability to protect private chats with fingerprints in this update is a small model of all its capabilities.

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