WhatsApp: Know the novelty that the ‘picture in picture’ function brings

WhatsApp logo.  (Photo: ComputerHoy.com)
WhatsApp logo. (Photo: ComputerHoy.com)

Share 2021 continues to bring surprises in terms of updates and new privacy policies. One of them is the Pixar-in-Pixer function (PIP, Picture in the picture In English) is found in your software control bar. What is innovation? What is this tool about?

According to digital media WABeta Info, The functionality allows you to view video links shared with the user. With the app you can watch videos from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. This change was made for version of the News Service, Let’s remember he had a black day in early October.

The control menu allows you to quickly pause or resume the video, such as opening or closing the video in fullscreen mode. First, there should be a control menu for videos shared from YouTube, but it seems that WhatsApp will now release any supported video.. Regarding YouTube videos, you can use two options in full screen mode: “Watch Later” and “Share”, Says WABeta Info.

WhatsApp redesigns the picture-in-picture function by activating a new control bar.  (Photo: WhatsApp)
WhatsApp redesigns the picture-in-picture function by activating a new control bar. (Photo: WhatsApp)

On the other hand, step Telephone arena, The change is not superficial because the previous version had controls to play, pause, share and go full screen within the same video window: The new interface adds a control bar that is only available for videos shared from YouTube. However, this will be the case for any video that is now supported.

Image-to-image functionality on WhatsApp (Photo: WhatsApp)
Image-to-image functionality on WhatsApp (Photo: WhatsApp)

Considering the changes, a better visual experience is expected on WhatsApp. First, the controls for picture-in-picture videos are placed in a gray bar at the bottom of the video. According to Telephone arenaThe experience improves as the controls are out of the box.

It should be noted that this functionality has not yet been tested on specific beta users. The new interface – with all the changes – is expected to be in the next update. In this way, WhatsApp continues to surprise users.

How to sign in to your computer without using QR code?

To get started, you need to install a popular Android emulator to use the full-featured WhatsApp. Do the following:

-Please download Tamil Bluestacks, A popular role model Android, On your computer. You can easily find it on Google search.

Once you have installed the emulator, run it and follow the steps until you see a window with a screen similar to a mobile phone.

-Now search for the Play Store icon like a cell phone.

-In the power store, search and install WhatsApp.

Configure the login from WhatsApp Bluestacks Write down the code that comes with your phone. You must enter your own number.

Ready, now you can use WhatsApp on your computer without using a QR code every time you log in.

How to put ‘Halloween Mode’ on WhatsApp for Android?

Next, we show you step by step how to implement ‘Halloween Mode’ On WhatsApp:

-Download the application Noah Launcher In the Google Play Store.

Set the app to default.

View and download the Google PNG type image of the WhatsApp icon in Halloween style.

Press the WhatsApp logo for a second or two.

-A series of options will be displayed, select “Edit”.

Tap the green WhatsApp icon.

-Enter the folder where the image is stored and select it.

This way the icon will already have a Halloween look.

New Watch politics

This is about the new privacy policies on WhatsApp, Accepted until November 6, 2021. The current terms are very different from the terms found at the beginning of the year, where you were told that your account would be used specifically for a company to upgrade the Facebook advertising system.

According to the portal xatakamovil, The new policies were introduced in early 2021 – effective May 15 – amid criticism from users and officials. The latter occurred in Europe, where they urged WhatsApp to undo the changes: Changed from compulsion to will, but did not disappear.

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