July 1, 2022

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WhatsApp Internet: 5 new features and how to implement them

Share Internet Having the most used messenger in the world on a computer or tablet is a good way to own Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

Now, to improve the experience from the Internet, WhatsApp adds new functionality, Some of them are already available, others have been updated by a portal that specializes in leaks, WABetaInfo.

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New functions of the WhatsApp web

Turn off the sound of incoming calls

When we use the WhatsApp web, it appears when someone calls us on WhatsApp Floating window that allows you to accept or reject an invitation. Also, when making a call, another window will appear, indicating a small, communication status.

The other novelty is that the web site allows Turn off ringtones for calls Enter without disturbing.

The biggest stickers on the WhatsApp web

This innovation has already reached many users. You do not have to do anything, but it shows at a glance: Loss stickers Viewed from a browser or WhatsApp web application They are so big.

The stickers on the WhatsApp web look great.  (Photo: TN Techno)
The stickers on the WhatsApp web look great. (Photo: TN Techno)Source: Alejo Mario Jagalsky

WhatsApp Web: Change colors on the platform

This option already exists on WhatsApp and allows Change the wallpaper of conversations. The setup is very simple.

– Log in to the WhatsApp web and enter “Settings”

– There we will see the option “Wallpaper”

– By clicking, we can choose a specific color from the wide range of options

Option to set wallpaper colors on WhatsApp web (Photo: TN Tecno).
Option to set wallpaper colors on WhatsApp web (Photo: TN Tecno).

It is then expected that you can also upload your own image from the WhatsApp web and turn it into wallpaper.

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Updated contact information

Another novelty that comes in the short term is a Change in information Businesses, WhatsApp groups and contacts in general.

WABetaInfo “The new interface for contact information, business information and group information will work just like cell phones,” he explained.

How To Publish Status From Computer With WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web Allow Upload levels from the system, Until this was exclusively for cell phones.

– To use this you need to click on the menu in the bottom right of the site.

– A tab will open, from which you can upload a photo or video. It will automatically share the status to view our WhatsApp contacts.

It is worth noting that some of these options are gradually reaching more than 2,000 million users worldwide on WhatsApp. Others are expected to come on stage in the short or medium term.