WhatsApp: How to use Messenger’s secret menu

Did you know that by long pressing the icon? Share Access the app’s “secret menu”? Strictly speaking, this is not some mystery trick to the meta privacy ambassador, but rather a way to get continuity. Shortcuts Of the application.

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The key to displaying the Options menu is The Long pressure If you do so without moving your finger, the phone’s operating system will remove it, share or uninstall the app. Strictly speaking, most mobile apps have this “secret list”.

WhatsApp: How to use Messenger's secret menu
To: (Photo: Captura TN Tecno)

The functionality (available on both iOS and Android) can be used both on the icon placed on the main screen and in the list of applications (everything installed on the device appears). In the case Share On Android, you will see a shortcut for tool information and a shortcut for selecting a category. Widget, Details of the latest announcements, as well as quick access to the cell phone camera.

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If you do this little trick on a computer with iOS, a QR code for sharing contacts will also appear in the menu, with the option to open and search for new chat.

One thing to keep in mind: on Google and Apple’s mobile platforms, whatsapp shortcuts The trial version (beta) of the application may vary if you are registered.

How To Enable Holiday Mode In WhatsApp

Messenger allows you to hide and disable chats and archive them. This applies to both personal and group conversations. After all, it is a kind “Holiday Mode”.

We count as Here, This functionality is distributed in the beta version of the application and Began to reach all users of the application In the middle of last year.

WhatsApp Holiday Mode is a good way to disconnect from the messaging processor.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
WhatsApp Vacation Mode is a good way to disconnect from the messaging processor. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Archiving conversation no longer receives notifications. Thus, you can prioritize some chats and hide others. Previously, if the chat was archived, it will reappear when the new message arrives. It is important to make it clear that archived chats will be saved until the user decides Recover it manually.

How to enable holiday mode on WhatsApp? You must follow these steps:

  • To get started, you need to go to WhatsApp Settings Enter the “Chats” option.
  • Then you need to activate the option “Archive Chats”
  • Then, on the main screen of the application, you need to make a Chat pressure Individual or group and then Select the “Archive” option (Appears with the box icon with the arrow).
  • In that sense, everyone Archived chats are “hidden” In the upper part of the app a Section “Archived”.

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