July 3, 2022

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WhatsApp: How to send photos and videos to contacts

(Photo: WhatsApp)
(Photo: WhatsApp)

Add more Chat security, Share You have the option “Unique view”. As its name implies, it helps to create users Photos or videos They can only be Saw only one occasion.

This way, content will not be stored by default on recipient devices Deleted automatically, Only after seeing each other. It also helps to manage the memory of the devices as it does not fill the storage space.

Users can now enable the awesome option of having more control over the files they share by following the steps below.

Before proceeding, it is recommended Download the latest version of WhatsApp Available for your device on the official Google or Apple App Store. Once you have it, you should do what we explain below:

(Photo: WhatsApp)
(Photo: WhatsApp)

-One before sending Photo or video In a chat, below, next to the writing area, is a number 1 in a circle.

– Once you press it.

– When I do Share This will let you know that the file is set to view once.

-You can send the file with the arrow on the back side.

The file you sent with these simple steps Recipient can only view onceHowever, keep in mind that screen shots or screen recordings can still be taken, which is not known.

Once the other person sees the content, the site will inform them with the legend “Open” Y Two blue popcorn Where the file was.

WhatsApp messaging application allows you to view pictures and videos at once (Photo: WhatsApp)
WhatsApp messaging application allows you to view pictures and videos at once (Photo: WhatsApp)

Note that if a photo or video does not open Within 14 days From the moment it is sent to you, The file will disappear from the chat.

Additionally, you should consider the possibility of recovering single-view media files from the backup if the message has not yet been opened during the backup. If the photo or video is already open, it will not be backed up and will not be restored.

Anyway, on stage Meta Recommended not to send personal photos or videos to strangers Or unsafe because they can take screen shots or recordings from another mobile phone to get a copy of the files even if they are deleted automatically.

“If a recipient wishes Report the file Single View Multimedia, the file will be sent to WhatsApp, ”WhatsApp said in a statement.

WhatsApp logo in App Store (Photo: WhatsApp)
WhatsApp logo in App Store (Photo: WhatsApp)

When you receive one Inappropriate news, WhatsApp allows contacting reporting With a few simple steps:

-First select the message you want to report for a few seconds

-Many options appear immediately on the top right

– Select the option To appeal

After that, they will receive the last five messages sent by that person or group, but without informing the provider, the site will help you complete the process for the person being reviewed.

Share Also receives Identify the reported user or group, When the message was sent and the type of message sent (image, video, text, etc.).

Another way to stop receiving unwanted messages is to block the person in question or leave conflicting groups.

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