January 28, 2022

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WhatsApp: How to know who your partner or friends are talking to the most

WhatsApp users can check who they talk to the most (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo)

Share Is News site Used extensively by Internet users. Every user has his or her own Chats Preferred with people who talk a lot, however, the latter may be of interest to some.

Meta Ensures that there are conversations between users Encrypted from end to end; That No one, even meta, can see the content of chats.

However, some users have found a way to find out who their partner, friend or anyone else is talking to the most. That way, even if they can’t see the conversations, they can find out who they spend most of their time with. Walkway.

Those who are interested in doing this trick should know that it is only necessary if they follow the following steps.

The trick is to have some simple steps (Photo: Pixabay)
The trick is to have some simple steps (Photo: Pixabay)

Unlike other tricks WhatsApp, How to put app in christmas mode, You do not need to download a second application for this. Of course, this requires holding the other person’s mobile for a few minutes.

-First make sure you have it The latest version of the applicationIf you do not have it, you can download it from your App Store (App Store or Play Store).

– Open the app and navigate Settings.

– Enter Storage and data.

– There you should see the Manage Storage tab.

In the image, WhatsApp logo (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON / file)
In the image, WhatsApp logo (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON / file)

-A list of all the people your partner or friend is talking to will be displayed in order.

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All vary in size due to videos or photos being shared between users. Mostly One with the most shared files He talks to her a lot.

It should be noted that this trick Can be misleading Complicated by having to spend a few minutes with someone else’s mobile phone. If so, it’s a good idea to ask directly before entering that WhatsApp profile.

On December 13, technical support Share Confirmed via Twitter that the app will no longer show status in public “Current” Also it is only available for user contacts.

Photo of a mobile phone with the logo of the WhatsApp technology application (Photo: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / File)
Photo of a mobile phone with the logo of the WhatsApp technology application (Photo: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / File)

“For that Improves the privacy and security of our users, Making it difficult for strangers and non-chatters to see your last connection time and online connection status on WhatsApp. It does not make any difference between you and your friends, family and businesses whom you know, with whom you have previously exchanged messages, WhatsApp said through its technical support.

This change will primarily affect users who chat with people they have not yet added to their contacts. In particular, it is no longer possible to check whether a contact is online from a mobile and internet application.

Another security measure currently being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp, for both Android How iOS, Is Control which contacts a user can see when they were last online. When the functionality is integrated into the standard version of the application, the option “Except my contacts …” appears in the last time setting. Time.

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Share Purchased in 2014 Through the popular social media service Facebook, As recently integrated Meta, A company created and established by programmers and entrepreneurs Mark Zuckerberg. In repeated cases, the motives for merging their sites have been revealed; The purpose is to communicate with users.

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