July 3, 2022

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WhatsApp: How to customize the icon with the Christmas hat

Put the Christmas cap on WhatsApp (Photo: Twitter / QuintoENews)
Put the Christmas cap on WhatsApp (Photo: Twitter / QuintoENews)

Vin fans Christmas, It’s time to put a little Christmas hat Al Logo From him Share And keep it up to date. Next we will tell you what steps you need to follow to achieve it.

Thanks Share, Despite its downsides and less functionality than Telegram, it is still a favorite and popular one, so there are those who are responsible for reading it to transform it.

In this case, some developers are helping users to take advantage of the messaging app Customize with Christmas hat By secondary application. What to do is as follows:

-First you need to go to a search engine like Google or Safari and find one WhatsApp picture with Christmas hat In form PNG.

Traditional WhatsApp logo (Photo: WhatsApp)
Traditional WhatsApp logo (Photo: WhatsApp)

-If you find something you like, you need to download and save it.

– The next stage Send In the App Store Noah Launcher (Note that this is only available in the Play Store, so it cannot be customized by iOS users).

-After downloading it, you need to open the application and accept the terms.

-Then you need to search for the WhatsApp processor and press it for a few seconds Edit.

– You can by selecting that option Change the application icon Select a previously downloaded PNG image.

-Finally you have to click Save changes With that the WhatsApp icon would have changed.

Christmas Emoji (Photo Pixabe)
Christmas Emoji (Photo Pixabe)

To Return to the original look All you have to do is uninstall the Nova Launcher processor from the meta platform. Similarly, if you want to put another image, you need to follow the method of searching for the same image on Google and download the favorite in PNG.

Unlike the third popcorn option for each screenshot, you can innovate React to messages Shared via WhatsApp WABetaInfo, There is credible information in this regard.

The stage pointed out that there would be Version It is now in its beta version, i.e. in testing, and will not be officially launched to all users until this end.

In the image, WhatsApp logo (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON / file)
In the image, WhatsApp logo (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON / file)

Rated as Instagram and Facebook chats, You can choose laughter, anger, sadness or something else, using emojis by pressing the message for a few seconds, which will already allow you to react.

This is expected by 2022 Meta Many include Updates Users can enjoy new features Sign. This functionality is still being tested.

It is also estimated that WhatsApp will integrate the option Clone reels From Instagram, As part of integrating everything with your applications. Remember that the goal Mark Zuckerberg Achieving cross-platform functionality.

Photo of a mobile phone with the logo of the WhatsApp technology application (Photo: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / File)
Photo of a mobile phone with the logo of the WhatsApp technology application (Photo: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / File)

From next year, those who accidentally sent a message and want to delete it can do so at any time. Currently users have only 68 hours to regret it Posts And remove them.

The Titles. A few months ago, WABetaInfo The processor is said to work to allow users to change the color of certain interface elements, such as buttons and the accent color displayed in the text.

Share Purchased in 2014 Through the popular social media service Facebook, As recently integrated Meta, A company created and established by programmers and entrepreneurs Mark Zuckerberg. In repeated cases, the motives for merging their sites have been revealed; The purpose is to communicate with users.

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