WhatsApp groups are changing through the new “communities” function

Share Adding another tool called “communities” produces an important shift in groups., Following the proposal of sites like Discord and Slack.

Innovation of XboxBook Messenger (The goal now) Was discovered by leaked special media with pictures of what would happen New way to organize and organize group chats.

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What are the communities on WhatsApp

The function will allow Bringing together different groups in the same community. For example, a parent-teacher conversation from school, another group that brings students together, a group of teachers and so on. In this case, the community can be called “school”. Within that will be the aforementioned groups.

According to Special portal Engadget, This function will help Combine different group chats under one wide umbrella.

Location WABetaInfo, A source that is usually found New functions in WhatsApp, Screen shots showing these communities as group chats with a different icon, square and rounded edges.


That way, users can distinguish them at a glance.

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How do communities work on WhatsApp?

The new feature will allow Community administrators may invite other users through a link or manually. Although specific details are not yet available, those “supervisors” will have the tools to manage such spaces.

There are no official announcements yet from WhatsApp Not sure how to combine different group chats Under the same sphere. In communities, chats are expected to have end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp communities would be an alternative to the platform instead of other forum sites like Discord or Slack.

WhatsApp is expected to offer other tools for community managers Better manage all added groups.

WhatsApp: When will communities start?

Reports Indicates that the functionality has been tested in trial versions on iOS and Android. Anyway, Official information about this release is not yet available, It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Sometimes these test features do not make it to the final versions of the messaging service.

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