May 26, 2022

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WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are back: the latest news

After the global crash, messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram worked again.

WhatsApp worked again. Message application, etc. Facebook and Instagram, Announced the approximate failures at noon this Monday and expressed their dissatisfaction on social websites after many users around the world stopped working.

Finally After several hours without service, the message app works properly, allowing thousands of users to send and receive messages again.

The popular news service, used by millions of people around the world, may stop working for many Reasons. However The most common is that it may be due to supersaturation. Messages are sent to servers that are sent to recipients. If those servers shut down, a system failure can be thought of. Another reason may be due to an update or a code crash with the database.

“We know some people are currently having issues with WhatsApp. We are working to bring everything back to normal and will post it here as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!”The company said in a statement on its Twitter account.

Facebook has officially announced the withdrawal of the application

“To the great community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: We are sorry. We are working hard to regain access to our applications and services. We are pleased to announce that they are now back online. Thank you for supporting us.”, The company said

Facebook came back

Facebook is back!

After more than six hours of interruption, Facebook resumes its normal operation.


Instagram again!

Instagram has resumed operations after being down since noon this Monday. Facebook and the news service are not yet operational.


Extraordinary! They offer a domain on the Internet called

That domain is now up for sale because Facebook “disappeared from the Internet”. According to social media, this happened to a user who registered the domain name “” and put it up for sale on the Internet.

Facebook’s chief technology officer regretted what happened

The company’s technical director, Mike Schrober, said he was using the same method to apologize to users and work to repair the failure that caused the three sites to crash. “My heartfelt apologies to everyone affected by the Facebook service outage at this time. We are experiencing network issues and teams are working quickly to debug and recover it.The expert wrote

Facebook employees are asynchronous

From New York Times At noon on Monday (local time) it was revealed that Facebook’s internal tools were not working. “Facebook’s services and applications are not only for the general public, but also for communication sites, including their internal tools and workplaces. No one can do any work., They detail.

What are the reasons for the decline of Facebook and Instagram

Experts believe there is a problem with the DNS configuration, a service that allows you to join an address ( With a specific server via its IP number; In detail, a change in the server settings made by Facebook destroyed the connection paths between the PGP protocol servers, making Facebook’s DNS servers inaccessible.

The Telegram confirmed the defeat after the fall of WhatsApp

“As all new people sign up, things go a little slower; it’s nice to have them, but all at once more. Sorry!”, Posted on Twitter.

WhatsApp crash: What apps can be used

It includes certain functions such as personal chat, self-destructive news and news broadcast channels.

Ideal for those who enjoy sending audio, it is free and available for Android, iOS and Windows 10. This application works like a traditional craft, also known as push-to-doc.

This requires a Gmail account and is available on Android, iPhone and Internet versions.

Facebook shares fell

After WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have been out of service for more than four hours, Shares of Mark Zuckerberg, listed on the Nasdaq technology exchange in the United States, have fallen more than 5%.

Gmail has crashed: what happened and how it works

After the fall of the messaging application owned by Facebook, there are problems with the functioning of Gmail due to the huge increase in WhatsApp users. This app does not seem to have a huge influx of users who have started using messages due to WhatsApp crash.

Consequences of the fall of WhatsApp

They claim that the personal data of more than 1.5 billion Facebook users is for sale on the hacker forum.

Telegram, below: What happened and how it works

Telegraph After the fall of the messaging application owned by Facebook, it has functional issues due to the massive increase in WhatsApp users.

Three hours after WhatsApp crashed

The messaging application stopped working like Facebook and Instagram messages from 1pm.

Instagram posted a statement on Twitter

“Instagram and its friends are having a hard time. You may have trouble using them. Be patient, we’re on it!”, Released from the official account.

It is not yet certain when WhatsApp will return

As they worked to formalize the service, the company asked users to be patient.

Telegram also reports failures

It continued to work properly as users flocked to Telegram en masse and now reported usage errors as well.

Last month

Once that was done, WhatsApp technicians continued to work to fix the failure, but so far they have not been successful.

What time will WhatsApp be back?

For now they do not specify when or when the messaging application will be active again.

Alternative applications for WhatsApp

Thousands of users started migrating to Telegram before the fall of WhatsApp, but there are also offers like Signal and Line.

WhatsApp has crashed

Once that is done, the problem will arise if CDN, a third-party content distribution service, crashes, as it did in June.

WhatsApp fell all over the world

They confirm that flaws in the messaging application, Instagram and Facebook are global.

WhatsApp is not working yet

There are no official announcements as to when the service will be available. Please note that Facebook Messenger is not available.

For now, WhatsApp has only released an official statement

“We know some people are currently having issues with WhatsApp. We are working to bring everything back to normal and will post it here as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!”The company said in a statement on its Twitter account.