WhatsApp changes heart emojis to “come to life”

Share Your heart emojis will be modified and animated. This means they will create a “heartbeat”, the same movement that is now only present in the red heart emoji.

The messaging app is the most used in the world and currently has over 3 billion users. It is usually updated with drastic and important changes. Similar to other small and aesthetic, heart-shaped emojis.

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Animated heart emojis

Nowadays The only emoji that appears with the animation is red, Classic. But soon, according to the special portal WABetaInfo This effect reaches other colors.

“An animation will be displayed when you send a red heart emoji, but it will only be visible if you send a red heart. The new change will introduce the same animation to all other heart emojis”, Explained from WaBetaInfo.

Experts have shared a video with hearts animated in different colors. This This only happens when an emoji is shared. Putting two or more in the same message will not have the effect of movement.

WhatsApp heart emojis

There will be a third blue tick on WhatsApp: What does this mean?

WhatsApp can add a third blue tick to your messages. The first indicates that the chat was sent, the second received, and they are read when they turn blue. What does the third signify? A screenshot.

This way, the sender of a message, a photo or video can find out what the recipient, individual and group chatter did. The classic “screenshot”, the image that appears on the screen.

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According to the leak, This third tick will also work in group chats. If one of the group members takes a “screenshot” of the conversation, everyone in the chat will be notified.

WhatsApp heart emojis

What do WhatsApp’s tilts mean?

  • The accents in the messages – and the clock means that the content has not yet left the cell phone – have a meaning for each.
  • The first, single, represents a message Sent but the receiver has not received it yet.
  • Second, double tilde – also gray – means Message sent and received By the user.
  • The blue double check indicates that there was a message Sent, received and read by recipient.
  • The new triple blue check mark indicates that a user has taken a screenshot of a chat, One that refers to other applications as well. For example, on Instagram, a person may see an identity when they capture a photo that has only been sent for viewing.

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