May 15, 2022

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WhatsApp brought back the old functionality

WhatsApp is constantly working on adding and improving its features to provide quality service. In this case, he seeks to return to an easy position he was offered.

This is the Assistant or Technical Support Assistant, which enables users to communicate with a representative who can assist them in case of problems with the operation of the application. However, for now, this is not available to all people.

Users with beta or trial version can access this WhatsApp technical support. On devices with the Android operating system, this is version; When on iOS, it is in version 22.2.72. This is not a very old function, but you know how it should be until the year it disappeared.

However, those with this application form can access this service by going to the “Settings” area; Then select “Help” and finally “Contact Us”. This way, people can communicate through the chat room with an assistant who can help solve a problem.

It should be noted that these conversations have a green ID identifying them as the official WhatsApp service. Problems that can be reported include everything from malfunctions to frauds.