What will Venus’ next mission look like ?: NASA recreates the journey in a new video


12 November 2021 07:09 GMT

The DAVINCI + mission, scheduled to begin in 2029, will explore Earth’s binary planet’s atmosphere.

In June, NASA Advertising Two new missions to explore Venus will begin between 2028 and 2030. One of them, Veridas, Will be dedicated to mapping the surface of the Earth’s dual planet to determine its geographical history. Another, called Da Vinci +, Will analyze your situation.

Now, the agency has released a video explaining how the second DAVINCI + mission, scheduled to launch in 2029, will unfold. “Venus is waiting for all of us, and DAVINCI + is ready to take us there. Triggers a new renaissance of Venus, “Says the video.

As explained in the post, the task consists Two parts Important.

First, a spacecraft will operate The two flying orbits of the planet Studying its atmosphere, observing how clouds change over time, and trying to identify the unknown chemical that absorbs ultraviolet light; Also it maps the night surface of the planet in infrared light because the rock emits the heat absorbed at night.

They find the gas that signifies the existence of life in the clouds of Venus

Seven months later, a Sphere To descend for an hour into the thick gaseous atmosphere of Venus, it is necessary to find the composition, temperature, pressure, and air in each layer of the planet’s atmosphere and analyze it to understand how it formed and formed.

The trial is also expected to deliver High quality pictures of tiles, Suggest that the continents of the Earth may have similar geological shapes and Venus plate tectonics.

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