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What Is Prime Gaming, and What Does It Involve?

prime gaming

Prime Gaming is a Twitch premium experience available to Amazon Prime and Prime Video users.

Bonus games and special in-game content are included with Prime Gaming, as well as a free monthly channel subscription that can be used on any Partner or Affiliate channel, exclusive emotes, and a chat badge.

How Does Premium Gaming Affect You?

Every month, every Prime Gaming member will receive a free channel subscription to offer to the Twitch Partner of their choosing.

When users click the Subscribe button on a Partnered or Affiliated channel, this choice appears. Except for India, China, and embargoed regions, Prime Gaming is available worldwide.

All creators, regardless of their location, will be compensated for Prime subscriptions to their channel in the same way that ordinary subscriptions are compensated.

The income split for Prime subscribers is the same as it is for regular subscriptions.

Subscriptions to Prime channels do not automatically renew. A viewer must actively utilize their Prime subscription on that channel each month to continue subscribing to that channel. Prime Gaming money is distributed in the same manner as the rest of your revenue, on a NET 15 basis.

Subscriptions to Prime Gaming are being tracked.

If a Prime Gaming member uses their membership token on your channel, you will receive an email notification by default.

A Prime Gaming member, on the other hand, can choose not to have their channel subscription notice appear in their Prime Gaming settings. As a result, counting Prime Subscribers through chat alerts may be inaccurate.

What is Amazon Prime, and how does it work? Everything you need to know about the topic

If you’re not already a Prime member, you’re curious about what Amazon Prime is and if it’s worth your money. Amazon Prime is more than simply a delivery service.

It’s a membership program that grants users access to several Amazon advantages. Fast delivery, access to special Amazon offers, free movie streaming, and other services are just a few of the perks.

For many buyers, Amazon Prime is a no-brainer because of the free shipping. Amazon, on the other hand, has increased its charges from $119 to $139 per year.

Monthly charges have also raised from $12.99 to $14.99 per month. After March 25, 2022, existing members will be charged the revised prices (on the date of their renewal).

We don’t blame you if you’re hesitant to join Amazon Prime’s 200 million subscribers. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve broken down what Amazon Prime is and all of the benefits that come with it.

If you’re wondering what Amazon Prime is, here’s everything you need to know, from fast shipping to exclusive access to Prime Day specials.

What is Amazon Prime, and how does it work?

Amazon Prime is a monthly or annual subscription service that costs $139 per year. Prime members enjoy a range of benefits. However, the best advantage is a free one- or two-day shipping on most Amazon products.

The corporation stated last year that it had over 200 million paying Prime subscribers throughout the world. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Amazon Prime is, this should clear things up for you.

Amazon Prime Video Games

Attention, gamers! Amazon Prime subscribers, who number in the millions, will now have access to a new benefit. Amazon Prime Gaming is the newest addition to Amazon Prime’s digital benefits. Prime Gaming is just Twitch Prime rebranded.

(Amazon paid $970 million for the live video-game-streaming service in 2014.) That means you’ll get the same special in-game loot, free monthly games (that you can keep forever), and a free monthly Twitch subscription as everyone else.

Prime members only need to connect onto their account and visit the new Prime Gaming landing page to claim all of their gaming bonuses and privileges.


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Amazon Prime and PlayStation 5

Being a Prime member can come in handy if you’re looking for PS5 replenishment. Last September, Amazon conducted its first PS5 replenishment for Prime members only.

Amazon staged PS5 and Xbox Series X drops for its Prime subscribers in December. (They were gone in a matter of minutes.) Another PS5 release date has been set for March 30.

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Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)

One of the most valuable benefits of being an Amazon Prime member is access to Amazon Prime Video. For paid or free trial users in the United States and Puerto Rico, Prime Video allows limitless streaming of movies and TV episodes.

Subscriptions to Showtime, Starz, A&E, AMC, and a variety of other streaming entertainment channels can also be added. Prime subscribers may now try Paramount Plus for free for 30 days.

Amazon is continuously adding new material to its Prime Video collection. Visit About Prime Video for additional details.

However, if you suspect you’ll be travelling abroad, Amazon will restrict your viewing. In that scenario, an Amazon Prime VPN is worth having so you can change your location and view whatever you pay for, no matter where you are.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime

Amazon’s main rival has established its own subscription programme. Walmart Plus is the retailer’s response to Amazon Prime.

The $98-a-year programme includes fast delivery of things ordered on Walmart, as well as early access to promotions, six months of Spotify Premium, and gasoline reductions at Walmart fueling stations.

Totaltech: Amazon Prime vs. Best Buy

The Best Buy Totaltech is a new membership service aimed towards Amazon Prime subscribers. Best Buy’s subscription, which costs $199.99 a year, includes unlimited free delivery, 24/7 tech support, free in-home installation of select products, and 2-year warranty protection on most Best Buy purchases.

(Apple Care is included with Apple purchases.) Because the experimental programme is only offered in a few areas, it’s too early to say how it will affect Prime members. However, current Prime members may find it difficult to justify the higher admittance charge.

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Shopping with Alexa

Prime members now get access to a new benefit. Prime users may now receive notifications from Amazon’s digital assistant about impending promotions on goods they choose to follow. You’ll need an Echo smart speaker or smart display from the latest version. Existing Prime members, though, may find it to be a great bonus. Here’s how to use Alexa to send you notifications about forthcoming sales.

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