What Happened to Girly Body Lotion After Angels and Tomboys?

You may recall two little girls from the famous American reality show Shark Tank. They were full of energy and confidence.

Similarly, these girls appeared on the show with their mothers. If you can’t remember them, here they are. The girls in question are Madison Star and Mallory Iyana. Meanwhile, they were contestants on Shark Tank.

They were able to realize their dream at a young age. Madison and Mallory appeared on the show in Season 8, Episode 4. Similarly, they expressed a desire to launch a body care line for children. “Angels and Tomboys” was the title.

Angels and Tomboys is a private company founded in 2014. Similarly, Madison Star and Mallory Iyana, two young entrepreneurs, founded it. They were, however, only 12 and 10 years old when they first appeared on Shark Tank.

They expressed a desire to launch a brand that produced products for both little girls and boys. Instead of using Victoria’s Secret and Burberry, there should be a brand just for children. On the eighth season of Shark Tank, they promoted their brand “Angels and Tomboys.”

Angels and Tomboys before Shark Tank

Madison and Mallory Boyd discovered a love for both fun fragrances and running a business in 2013. The two girls had not yet started high school, but they already knew they were going places.

Their mother came up with the name Angels and Tomboys after they pitched the idea for their personal hygiene brand.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the two girls and their mother were able to sell $56,000 worth of products, which isn’t bad for a kitchen-based business. Let’s see how they react to a Shark interrogation.

Angels and Tomboys net worth

Angels and Tomboys On Shark Tank

Backstage before the presentation, the Angels and Tomboys family was seen praying in a circle. They asked God to help them be energetic and successful, and not make mistakes. The three African-American ladies walked out onto the stage to face the Sharks as the announcer stated that their product was specifically aimed at tweens.

Madison, 12, Mallory, 10, and their mother Viera introduced themselves. Madison asked the Sharks for $55,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in their Angels and Tomboys body care line.

Their target demographic was a tween and teen girls, and it was created by people their own age. Madison described the products as having catchy names like Frozen Hot Chocolate and Watermelon Funk. Their motto, she said, was “when you smell good, you feel good.”

Viagra asked him to consider the ingredients in the lotion and body spray. She informed the Sharks that all of the products were paraben-free, vegan, and made entirely of natural ingredients. Robert inquired as to the cost of production per unit and how it was sold.

Mallory, prompted by her mother, told him it cost four dollars per bottle to make and that they sold both online and at tradeshows. This piqued the Shark’s curiosity. Daymond inquired as to how many they had sold.

Viagra stated that they sold 5000 units. Mark even asked him to clarify whether they sold $5000 worth, and the mother stated that they sold 5000 units at a revenue of $59,000.

The sharks were impressed by this figure. Mark inquired about their profitability, but Viagra informed them that they were not as profitable as they could be. Kevin O’Leary asked how anyone would learn about them and buy their products online.

She described three different methods for marketing the brand: word-of-mouth, social media, and guerilla marketing. Madison and Mallory would sell the product from their backpacks at schools.

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The Angels and Tomboys online store is still open

The company’s online store sells Angels and Tomboys products such as Body Milk Lotion, Liquid Sugar Body Spray, Nourishing Shampoo, and Moisturizing Conditioner.

Each of the scents, which include Happy Birthday Strawberry Cupcake, Lemonade Donuts, Cherry Star Glam, and Cotton Candied Apples, is paired with a mascot character.

“Our fun and unique scents inspire you to be proud, bold, and yourself.” Find yourself in one of our Girlhood characters, one for each fragrance,” Madison and Mallory write on their website. “I love being a girl because every girl is created uniquely.”

More about Angels and Tomboys

The kid entrepreneurs got another deal for the growth of their company. This deal was made by Daymond John and Mark Cuban.

The duo offered them an amount of $60,000. In exchange, they demanded one-third of the company’s shares. However, the sisters obliged with the deal. Likewise, the girls heard a lot of criticism for their work.

They were demotivated by a lot of people calling the fragrance business very tough to handle. Despite the demotivation, they stood strong with their goal.

The e-commerce chain managed to build its outlets. It became a step toward increasing their hold in the industry. The company produces products like Body Lotions, Nourishing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioners, and Liquid Sugar Body Spray. Likewise, the fragrances include Lemonade Donuts and Cherry Star Glam. These products are available on the company’s online store.

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Angels and Tomboys net worth

Angels and Tomboys’ Net Worth

Madison and Mallory, sisters, co-founded Angels and Tomboys. They joined mother Viagra Iyadunni on the Shark Tank. On the show, they received $55,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of their company.

It was founded with the intention of creating body care products specifically for teenagers. It was awkward for the sisters to use their mother’s perfume and body care products.

As a result, they developed body care and fragrance products. The company has grown from an online store to a physical location in the United States.

The young businesswomen Madison and Mallory have made many sacrifices to establish their company. The business had already sold 5,000 items for $59,000 by the time they appeared on the show in 2022.

The mother-daughter teamwork resulted in a significant accomplishment. Clients all over the world showed them tremendous support.

The company’s current net worth has not been made public. The company, however, is profitable. It also has great success selling its wares via various online marketplaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Angels and Tomboys Makes Deal with Daymond John and Mark Cuban for $60,000 – Business 2 Community.
Although we couldn’t find a current net worth for Angels and Tomboys, the company’s social media accounts are active and growing. The family is still selling products, and some scents are even now paired with a mascot character.

 Angel and Tomboys still in Business?

They also opened a retail store in May 2018. Apparently, Mark wasn’t aware of that development until the grand opening! The store also sells snacks based on the “flavors” of their fragrances. As of February 2019, the store is still open.

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