What Happened To Crystal Castles? Explained Everything!


Crystal Castles was a Canadian electronic music group consisting of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass. 

In 2006 The group formed in Toronto, Ontario, and quickly gained a following with their unique mix of glitchy, experimental beats and Glass’s raw, often to deal with situations in an aggressive way.

However, the band’s success was short-lived, and in 2014, Glass announced her departure from the group, leaving Kath to continue performing under the Crystal Castles name with new vocalists.

Glass’s departure from Crystal Castles was not unexpected, as she had previously announced that she was taking a break from music due to personal issues.

However, the split was not friendly, with Glass later accusing Kath of emotional and physical abuse during their time together in the band. In response, Kath denied the allegations and accused Glass of rewriting history.

In the consequences of Glass’s departure, Kath continued to tour and release music under the Crystal Castles name, recruiting new vocalists like Edith Frances to fill the void left by Glass.

However, the band’s popularity and critical acclaim began to disappear without Glass’s distinctive voice and stage presence, and some fans and critics criticized Kath for continuing to use the Crystal Castles name without Glass.

In addition to the controversy surrounding Glass’s departure, Kath himself faced his own legal issues in 2017 when he was accused of sexual assault by so many women. Kath denied the allegations, but the accusations led to the cancellation of Crystal Castles’ upcoming tour dates and the end of the band’s career.

Since then, both Kath and Glass have pursued solo careers. Glass released her debut solo EP in 2017, and has continued to perform and collaborate with other artists. Kath, on the other hand, has remained largely out of the public eye since the allegations against him surfaced.

What Did Alice Glass Say in the Painful Past, in New Album?

Painful Past is ‘Alice Glass’ new album, where she explores the pain she experienced while working with Crystal Castles and facing sexual harassment and abuse by the owner or producer of bandmates.

What Happened To Crystal Castles

She spoke and wrote with all her heart what she went through while being a bandmate of Crystal Castles and all the sad experiences she had to go through during this entire period.

Whereas now, since the band has completely disbanded, Alice continues to impress her fans with her personal, independent, and creative music, which is filled with electronic music and energetic beats. 

Why Did Crystal Castles Disband?

Crystal Castles disbanded due to a combination of several factors, primarily among them the departure of the lead singer from the band Alice Glass. There is also controversy surrounding the producer of the main lead, the band Ethan Kath.

Glass accused Kath of abusing and sexually assaulting her in 2014. Kath denied these allegations and continued to perform under Crystal Castles with another band member, singer Edith Frances.

But in 2017, Kath was again accused of abuse, physical and sexual abuse by several women in the band, leading Kath to file a defamation lawsuit against Glass for sharing her mental peace and well-being.

For years, there was a creative spark that was missing within the band.

Even though the band continued their live tours, the band’s popularity continued to decline, leading to the band’s break-up when the spark that had previously died out.

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Final Words

The story of Crystal Castles is one of a promising band that ultimately fell apart due to personal and legal issues. While their music continues to be celebrated by fans and critics alike, it is unlikely that the duo will ever reunite to perform or record new material together.

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