Warzone and Vanguard are hosting their Christmas event with free multiplayer days

Festive excitement is also coming to other topics in the Activation saga such as Code Mobile.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard This is not the best installment in history Activision. At least not at the sales level, where ownership is a victim Loss of interest By players. That interest has not diminished War Zone, And from the company they focus their efforts on each call of duty, giving feedback to others.

So, both this year’s main title and Battle Royale are getting this week Festive excitement, Its Christmas event leaves us with many things. Within it Official Blog They elaborate on everything it brings: funny costumes, elf hunting, limited-time game modes, themed challenges and year-end rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile This is part of this update, which will add level jumps to the battle pass, as well as a percentage increase in the experience gained. The event begins From December 17th, Even if there are other dates to mark in the calendar, especially if you do not currently have access to any games.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

From 16 to 21 we can try Vanguard for freeWe have a meeting from December 16th to 21st Free multiplayer trial You can access Vanguard on those days to see if your bet makes us believe. If you win, we will receive the Christmas sale on the same day from 16th to 5th January, before which there will be a lot of discounts on Warson, which is related to the purchase of the game, its access is free.

Note that Warzone has not released anything before Your new map, Caldera, Which moves us to the Pacific instead of Verdans. We will find a new way to face the games through them 15 different zones, Which holds secrets and will be updated in the future with new functions.

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