Finally, Launch Warframe Duviri Paradox Arrives This April 2023!


Global games publishing and developer studio Digital Extremes welcomes players new and familiar as they embark on a wild, time-looping journey through a fragmented and ever-changing multidimensional world in The Duviri Paradox, the anticipated cinematic update to Warframe.

Duviri Paradox is an exciting new way to experience online sci-fi MMO by evolving its gameplay mechanics and introducing roguelike-inspired elements uniting classic Warframe with completely new approaches to accessibility, design, and storytelling.

Duviri Paradox, a new space exploration mission, is set to launch this April 2023. The mission, which is a joint effort by NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), aims to explore a mysterious anomaly in space known as the Duviri Paradox.

When Will Warframe’s Duviri Paradox Come Out?

The Duviri Paradox has three game modes announced: The Duviri Experience (an open-world experience), The Circuit (an endless game mode),  and The Lone Story a solo mode with a narrative focus, giving multiple choices depending on the type of Tenno you are.

The Duvieri Paradox update is finally set to release on April 26, giving Warframe players a long-awaited date for one of the biggest additions to Warframe since The New War.

Where To Watch The Duviri Paradox?

Digital Extremes hasn’t revealed which platforms will get the DuViri Paradox update. However, we assume that since no specific announcement has been made, all platforms will be getting the update at the same time.

Warframe Duviri Paradox

What Will Be New Features In The Duviri Paradox?

As previously mentioned, The Duviri Paradox includes a lot of new content, never before seen in Warframe:

The Duviri Roguelike – Due to the frequent relocation of the Duviri, each adventure is separate from the other once the players leave the hub. Completing tasks will unlock decisions that offer significant gameplay changes, but only for that single spiral. Explore Duviri enough, overcome Duviri’s Spiral. And earn Intrinsics to maintain permanent buffs.

An adventure without Warframe – Duviri is a dangerous place, under the Mad King’s rule, and, as a Drifter, you don’t have access to Warframe there, at least initially. However, the Drifter must use weapons to break open the endless cycles of Duviri and his or her own set of skills. 

The Mad King rules – On Duviri, Dominus Thrax is king, and he has assembled an army of Dax warriors and a giant entity called the Orovyrm to defend his kingdom. Drifter has to do something about them.

The shifting Duviri – Dominus Thrax’s mood literally turns the landscape of Duviri in a wave, dramatically changing the look and size of the world, and even changing the way enemies are encountered.

The Duviri Circuit – An endless mode meant to test the most hardened Warframe players in a sequence of common mission types that change in each round. Face familiar and new enemies, and earn decrees to power up Drifters and their Warframes.

Drifter’s Mighty Steed – Drifter is trapped in a fractured world controlled by the gods, so you’ll need a trusty steed by your side. Enter Cathay, a fully customizable horse-like mount who will learn to fly during your adventure through Duviri.

Is There Any Trailer For Warframe Duviri Paradox?

The Duviri Paradox was first announced with a trailer for TennoCon in 2019, with some lore and details dripping in since the initial trailer.

However, after working on the Pandemic and the new war, the team finally returned to Duviri at TennoCon 2022 with a 20-minute gameplay video that showed off some of Duviri’s secrets.

A cinematic trailer showcasing the expansion’s style was released on March 3 with more in-depth trailers planned for the future. Whether Will it be worth the wait or not, we’ll soon know. 

Players will begin Duviri alongside The Drifter. According to the official website, even though the character is only available after The New War, “all Tenno can choose to start over at the end and play The Duviri Paradox.”

Warframe Duviri Paradox

This is possible because Duviri’s not being the normal properties: it is an “unreality” that exists in its own pocket outside of space and time.

Death doesn’t matter much in Duviri, either: The Drifter is stuck in a borderline Sisyphean loop of “life, death, and rebirth,” much to the amusement of the Mad King Dominus Thrax, the antagonist of the expansion.

According to a press release, the update will also include some “roguelike-inspired” elements that help make each run feel unique.

As the apparent ruler of Duviri, the Mad King has the power to alter the reality around him. While the sphere normally boasts a desaturated, near-monochrome look, the tyrant will change some of the world’s colors depending on its mood.

This would correspond to the cycles in Duviri, just as Phas and Vom were struggling for power in Deimos. The website says, “Each mood has its own cycle, with enemies behaving and attacking differently depending on the mood.”

Where To Find Lua Thrax Plasm In Warframe Duviri Paradox?

Lua Thrax Plasm is a main resource for her Sarofang and Perigele signature weapons as well as for crafting the components of the latest Warframe Voruna. This material is relatively rare and, as the name suggests, can only be obtained on Earth’s moon Lua.

Before you can start farming Lua Thrax Plasm in Warframe, you must unlock Lua by completing “The Second Dream” main quest.

The Lua Thrax plasm has a 30 percent chance of falling on this moon from the newly added Thrax variant. These new variants include Hollow Thrax Legatus, Lua Thrax Legatus, and Hollow Thrax Centurion.

Warframe Duviri Paradox

The best way to collect on Lua Thrax Plasm is by completing Conjunction Survival Nodes. You must complete “The War Within” quest to unlock these nodes. Lua Thrax is a guaranteed drop from Plasm Uvarium and Circulus Conjunction survival nodes.

If the excess adds a new resource, Lua Thrax Plasm can be traded with Archimedean Yonta in Chrysalith for Voruna Blueprints, Sarofang Blueprints, New Arcanes, and Perigal Blueprints, all of which are combination Survival Rotation rewards.

What Is Happening In The Duviri Paradox?

The Duviri Paradox is a strange phenomenon that has puzzled scientists for years. It is a region of space where the laws of physics seem to break down, and the rules that govern the universe as we know them no longer apply.

The anomaly was first discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2012, and since then, scientists have been working to understand what it is and how it works.

The Duvri Paradox is located in a distant corner of the universe, and getting there is no easy feat. The mission will be launched on a specially designed spacecraft that is capable of traveling at speeds approaching that of light.

The spacecraft will carry a team of scientists and researchers, as well as a variety of advanced scientific instruments that will be used to study the anomaly in detail.

Warframe Duviri Paradox

One of the main goals of the Duviri Paradox mission is to gather data on strange properties not easily classified.

Scientists hope to use this data to better understand the nature of the universe and how it works. They also hope to gain new insights into the fundamental laws of physics and the nature of time and space.

The mission is also significant because it represents a major milestone in international space exploration. The collaboration between ESA, JAXA, and NASA, demonstrates the importance of global cooperation in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

It also highlights the fact that space exploration is a truly global endeavor and that no single country or organization can achieve great things on its own.

The Duviri Paradox mission is expected to last several years, during which time the spacecraft will travel vast distances and conduct a wide range of scientific experiments.

It is hoped that the mission will help to answer some of the biggest questions in physics and astronomy and that it will inspire a new generation of scientists and researchers to continue exploring the mysteries of the universe.

Final Words

The launch of the Duviri Paradox mission this April 2023 is an exciting development in the field of space exploration. The mission represents a major international collaboration and has the potential to uncover new insights into the fundamental laws of physics and the nature of the universe.

As the mission progresses, scientists and researchers around the world will be eagerly awaiting the results, hoping to gain a better understanding of the mysteries of the cosmos.

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