May 24, 2022

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Video Games: Anti-Blizzard Accumulation | The company is accused of sexual abuse and discrimination against women

Activision Blizzard Company, One of the world’s largest video game creators, such as Call of Duty, Condemnations continue to accumulate against its director Bobby Cody after he was isolated for complaints of discrimination and harassment against women in the workplace.

In this case, Nintendo As executives of the company, they joined the list of gaming industry heroes in expressing their concerns after the allegations against the company. Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (PlayStation).

“I’m following the Activision Blizzard and the current reports of sexual harassment and toxicity in the company. Tragic and confusing facts. They go against my values ​​and Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and policies, ”warned Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo in the United States.

He added: “All companies in the industry need to create an environment where everyone is respected and treated equally, and everyone understands the consequences of not doing so.” Although the information released this week focused on the Kodik account, the origin of the problem was revealed months ago.


On July 21, Activision filed a lawsuit against Blizzard for sexual harassment and discrimination against women working for a U.S. company, through the Department of Housing and Fair Employment, in the state of California. Legal action arose after a thorough investigation that exposed the company’s poor working environment.

Based on the facts, the company said in an email to its employees that more than 20 Activision Blissort employees had left the company due to those complaints.

In August, the California-based video game maker promised to review its practices in the wake of employee parades in connection with the initial dismissal of a state lawsuit describing a “dominant culture that reflects male student unions in the workplace.”

The company noted that it is increasing the number of dedicated committees to monitor compliance, while also processing increasing complaints with the aim of “creating a more responsible workplace”.

According to a lawsuit filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, 20 percent of Activision’s employees are women and “only a few come to senior positions.” The company also promised to improve the work environment and review the way women present themselves in its sports.

In the face of such scandal, on July 28, Bobby Kodik, the company’s chief executive, issued the first statement, acknowledging that Activision’s initial position on downsizing the facts was wrong. “Our initial response to the problem we all have to fight for is, frankly, pessimistic.”

He added: “We are taking swift action to be a compassionate and caring organization to ensure that they work and have a secure environment. There is no room for discrimination, harassment or inequality in our organization. . “

The demand of investors

Following the complaints, the shareholders took action on the matter and signed off on August 2nd Rosen Law, representing the group of investors, filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, By accusing the company of “failing to publish false and / or misleading statements and / or details of discrimination against minority women and employees”.

They also pointed out that they had never been informed that the company had been under investigation for two years. Their claim includes compensation for the economic losses they suffered in the weeks following the complaint, as the value of the shares plummeted after the lawsuit was filed.

Dieter Waizenegger, CEO of the Center for Strategic Regulation of Investment (SOC), clarified that Activision’s response to the lawsuit was “not enough,” while the company’s promises were “far enough to solve problems. In-depth and wide-ranging discussions on equity, content and human capital management.”

La deuncia de The Wall Street Journal

For its part, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a report last week in which it stated: Bobby Kodik was well aware of complaints of sexual harassment and discrimination on Activision.

In addition, “Over the years, Kodik has been accused by various women of misconduct inside and outside the workplace, and in some cases he has manipulated to resolve complaints quickly and quietly.”

In 2006, Kodik allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill an aide by word of mouth, and a year later the manager was prosecuted for unjustly firing a flight attendant – from his private jet – on charges of sexual harassment. In 2008, the out-of-court settlement was sealed, which paid the complainant $ 200,000.

The same media reported on the case of a Sledgehammer Games employee who was reported to have been raped by a supervisor in 2016 and 2017, and Kodik never told the board what happened.

In 2017, Treyarch’s co-director Dan Bunting (Call of Duty: Black Ops) was sexually harassed by another employee. Although an internal investigation determined the guilt of the aforesaid, he was not removed because of the intervention of Bobby Kodik. Bunting left Troyarch on November 17 after a wave of criticism against him.

Other similar cases occurred in 2020, when Activision’s sports division staff reported acts of sexual harassment and discrimination by supervisors. Cody was informed by email what had happened, but did not act forcefully. Instead of shooting the bullies, they were sent to diversity talks.

The WSJ inquiry prompted a group of investors to resign, including the CEO: “Bobby Kodik was aware of numerous sexual harassment, sexual assaults and sexual harassment on Activision Blizzard, but did not confirm responsible executives who were fired and did not acknowledge the legitimacy of hostile culture in the company’s workplace.”

“After the new revelations, it is clear that the current leadership has failed to maintain a secure workplace. This is the core function of their mission. Activision Blizzard needs a new CEO, team leader and experienced independent director. They have the skills and confidence to truly change the culture of the company. We need to have a reset button.” Investors decided that.