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Vampire in the Garden Season 2: Where We Can Watch This Season?

vampire in the garden season 2

Vampire in the Garden is the latest animated adventure on Netflix. It takes place on a made-up version of Earth where humans lost their fight against vampires. A small group of survivors in a small village could control the light, which let them live in peace.

However, the show’s main character, Momo (Megumi Han), wants to live with the vampires. As luck would have it, Momo meets Fine, the vampire queen, played by Yu Kobayashi. This turns the idea of living together on its head.

The anime series is set up to be both scary and a survival story, which could lead to a second season. However, Netflix hasn’t said anything about the next installment of the vampire story yet.

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What Does Season 1 of Vampire in the Garden About?

The book Vampire in the Garden takes us to a world where humans and vampires are at war. After the vamps beat the humans, the humans still live in a small city protected by a massive light wall. This is the last place where people can stay safe. It’s also where people get together to try to fight back.

At the center of everything is young Momo, who wants the two races to live together peacefully. The vampire queen, Fine, on the other hand, decides to leave the battlefield. By doing this, the two end up looking for the utopia that old stories talk about together. But is that true?

Season 2 of “Vampire in the Garden”

Megumi Han will be Momo’s voice in the first season. Yuu Kobayashi, who played well in “Record of Ragnarok,” is the producer and Ryoutarou Makihara is the director. Tetsuya Nishio designed the characters for the anime. He helped make the characters for the anime.

Everyone who worked on this anime did a great job, and Yoshihiro Ike, who wrote the theme song for Inuyashiki, was one of them. As for season 2, we have to dig deep to determine if it will be a continuation of the same plot or a whole new story.

If it continues the same plot, the cast may stay the same with a few changes, or we may see a whole new model.

Season 2 of “Vampire in the Garden” Plot

In Vampire in the Garden, humans and vampires used to live together in Paradise. Momo and Fine spend most of Season 1 trying to find Paradise again, which means that the story arc shown in Season 1 may be a self-contained story told for only one season.

If or when Momo and Fine find Paradise, the show might not have much to talk about anymore.

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Date of the Second Season of “Vampire in the Garden”

On May 16, 2022, all of season 1 of “Vampire in the Garden” was put on Netflix. The first part has five episodes, each lasting between 24 and 30 minutes.

As of now, there have been no updates about whether or not the dark fantasy anime will be renewed. But Netflix usually doesn’t talk about a show’s future until a few months after it comes out on the platform. For now, fans don’t need to worry.

Most anime renewals have a lot to do with the source material, but “Vampire in the Garden” was made from scratch so that the creators will make the final decision.

The show leaves a lot of room for a second season because it doesn’t explain what happens in the war between vampires and humans worldwide. We see a place where humans and vampires live together in the scene after the credits.

But that doesn’t mean that the world is back to being peaceful because Momo and Fine have been to a similar place in the episode before the last one.

Also, the audience doesn’t find out what kind of relationship Paradise Momo has with the rest of the Vampire and human world. If the show is renewed in the next few months, the second season of “Vampire in the Garden” will come out in late 2023. 

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Where Can I Watch Season 2 of “Vampire in the Garden”?

As we all know, Netflix and Wit studio have announced that the anime will be available on Netflix. If nothing goes wrong, the second season will also be on Netflix until a new platform deals with Netflix to show Vampire in the Garden’s second season.

Trailer for Season 2 of “Vampire in the Garden”

On March 28, 2022, the trailer for the first season of Vampire in the Garden came out. We don’t know anything about the second season yet, so there isn’t a trailer for it yet.

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