User reviews are not affected economically

The company has not made much progress in the stock market since last August.

The Square Enix year began Controversy. Shortly after eating the grapes, the CEO of the company said Adopts NFTs and blockchain technology in video games, And also suggests creating your own cryptocurrency. These reports have been generated Critical wave Towards the company, something came up Possible omission among Final Fantasy XIV players.

Shares of Square Enix are up 8% on the stock marketDespite this public hatred, The numbers support Square Enix. As shared Bloomberg, The Japanese company has increased its shares in the stock market after the announcement of NFTs. And we are not talking about a few tenths difference, but the value of the company has grown 8%, A jump not seen since last August and it The Investor Vision About NFTs.

Square Enix shares rise after embracing NFTs: User criticism does not affect the economy

Above all, Square Enix not only expresses its passion for blockchain technology, but also touches on ideas that are increasingly echoed in the industry. MetaVerso. Moreover, although most users reject this idea, this innovation related to the company’s economy can work The key component In the development of future games.

This is not the first time we have seen a similar situation. Without leaving the NFTs, Ubisoft put forward its plan Ubisoft Quartz Welcome to this technology, led Avalanche of dislikes on your youtube video. Despite this, the French developer Proceed with your idea He admits that the difficult path awaits them. Will not give up.

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