Understands a jigsaw puzzle expert report that has surrounded the first Apple computer for decades


February 18, 2022 23:45 GMT

The first hundred main boards of the legendary Apple-1 had a handwritten serial number. But until now none of the key people in the company were responsible for the inscription.

For Apple fans, there is a product that has a special place in the history of your favorite manufacturer: Apple-1The first computer model made by a technology company.

That legendary computer hit stores in 1976 Only 200 units were produced. The serial number of the first hundred is in handwritten form on the main card. “01-00 ##“, Remember 9to5Mac Portal.

For decades, the copyright of these inscriptions has remained a mystery to the most loyal followers of the Cupertino Company. But none of Apple’s key figures have agreed to write this number.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who designed and built the first Apple-1, denied that the figures were his own. Apparently, Steve Jobs denied being the author of the inscription. Like Daniel Kotke, the employee in charge of assembling and testing some circuit boards.

A letter written by Steve Jobs in 2010 reveals that Apple is working on the so-called iPhone Nano.

One of the most popular hypotheses was pointed out by Paul Terrell, the store owner who bought the first 50 units of the computer. But he too eventually severed himself.

Putting an end to speculation, Achim Baku, the author of the inscriptions, is the overseer of the site Apple-1 Registry Includes a list of all known units of that model that traveled from Germany to the United States and used enterprise services called PSA. Autograph authentication services And other handwritten fonts.

Experts collect all available pictures of the serial number in question, a Complex graph analysis.

After three months of work, the result was clear: after all, it was Steve Jobs. We will never know why he made those inscriptions by hand and whether he forgot it over time.

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