Ubisoft offers this remastered classic for a few days

With the re-release of the Anno 1404 History Edition a few years ago, users can do without paying Euros.

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From Ubisoft they recall its 35 years of history, following an anniversary that they wanted the community to participate in, allowing them to incorporate the company’s finest classics into their libraries. The last person to join this ad Anno 1404 History Edition, A city-building, real-time strategy and economic simulation video game released in 2008, but has recently been redesigned.

“Get a free copy of the historical version of Anno 1404 on Ubisoft Connect for PC Before December 14th! Create an attractive classic and your own city in the updated Anno 1404 for modern computers, “they call from the French company. To get it, sign in to the Ubisoft service.

Anno: Historical Collection

As its name implies, the Anno 1404 led users to take control of a settlement to make it prosperous and economically viable in the last years of the Middle Ages. In its review you can see what we think about Anno 1404.

With its History Edition, players are allowed to retrieve the Classic and all its extra content like never before, being updated and upgraded to save resolutions and support up to 4K on today’s computers. This version It also includes an expansion dedicated to Venice, And usually sells for $ 14.99 / dollar without advertising.

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