Trump news live: Ex-president accused of ‘helping enemies’ because he praised Putin’s ‘smart’ move in Ukraine

Ad trolling Trump about Jan 6 commission developments

Donald Trump has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as “smart” and described his move toward Ukraine as “genius” in a new interview.

Putin’s moves toward a possible full-fledged invasion of Ukraine have led a number of Republicans to seek to blame Joe Biden for the crisis, arguing that Russia had not invaded any country while Trump was president — despite the fact that he has repeatedly sided with Mr. Putin on the US military and intelligence agencies, disdain for NATO, and tried to blackmail the Ukrainian government to investigate the Biden family.

Trump initially broke his silence on the Russia-Ukraine crisis Tuesday morning with a tweet posted by his spokesperson claiming that his relationship with Putin would have prevented the crisis.

Last night, White House press secretary Jen Psaki spoke to Trump about his characterization of Putin, saying in her briefing: “As a political matter, we try not to take advice from anyone praising President Putin and his military strategy, which I believe is what happened there.”

Regarding concerns that Mr. Trump’s comments could help turn the Russian invasion into a wedge issue in American politics, she said: “You know, I think it’s up to members of the Republican Party to decide and make the decision.”

Since then, several party members have spoken out about the president’s comments.


Two attorneys general have resigned in the New York Trump investigation

New York times Reports Two of the prosecutors leading the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into former President Donald Trump and his business practices abruptly resigned Wednesday.

Their resignations come amid a month-long hiatus in their presentation of evidence to a grand jury, and the future of the high-stakes investigation is now in grave doubt.

The paper cites people who have knowledge of the topic.

Sources said Carrie Dunn and Mark Pomerantz submitted their resignations after the new Manhattan attorney general, Alvin Bragg, indicated he had doubts about moving forward with a case against Trump.

Mr. Pomerantz confirmed to times In a brief interview he had resigned, but declined to go into details. Mr. Dunn declined to comment.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 19:47


Trump: Putin’s ‘genius’ peacekeepers can help on US southern border

Donald Trump He says a few Russian peacekeeping tanks are moving in Ukraine He would be welcome on the southern border, where the former president claims 10 million illegal immigrants are “rushing” the United States.

“and he [Vladimir Putin] I will go and be one of the peacekeepers. This is the most powerful peace force…we can use it on our southern border,” said Mr. Trump. There were more Army tanks than ever. They will keep the peace just fine.”

Justin Vallejo has the story.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 19:25


US warns Putin ‘as prepared as possible’ for all-out invasion of Ukraine

Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin “As prepared as possible” for a large-scale invasion of Ukrainea US official warned.

The United States believes that the Russian military has 80 percent of the forces massed around Ukraine in an offensive position to launch an invasion at any time.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 19:04


Majority of Florida Voters Oppose ‘Don’t Say Like Me’ Bill

FloridaThe House passed a so-called “Don’t Say Like Me” bill and put the abused law to a final vote despite widespread rejection among voters.

as legislators Final version passed Of the bill on Tuesday, an opinion poll showed that about a third of voters (34 percent) support the legislation “somewhat or strongly.”

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 18:40


Voices: Attacking Bernie Sanders on US imperialism and Putin misses the point

Nathan McDermott wrote, Read the transcript of Putin’s recent speech and the truth of the situation will be crystal clear.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 18:21


Steve Jobs’ son declines to comment on report he might run for Pelosi’s seat

Red Jobs, son of an Apple founding partner Steve JobsHe refused to comment on an article about the rumors he once considered running for Nancy PelosiIn Congress when you finally retire.

The 81-year-old speaker Parliamentwho represented him San Francisco Since 1987, she announced last month that she would run for re-election this year. However, if the Republican Party retakes the House – as is widely expected – many expect that she may relinquish the Democratic leadership and retire from her seat at the end of the next term.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 18:01


After a disastrous launch, Truth Social has already made a lot of money

Even after a messy launch full of bugs and public relations disasters, Donald TrumpTruth Social’s new “Free Speech” social media platform appears to provide significant financial support to its supporters.

according to ReutersShares of the platform’s main acquirer, Digital World Acquisition Corp., surged a staggering 14 percent on the back of 170,000 app downloads. The company’s share price has reached levels not seen since last October.

Andrew Naughty has the story.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 17:46


Trump doubles down on ‘crazy’ adulation of Putin

The former president of United States of America doubled on his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin criticism Joe Biden On Wednesday, as the United States and Russia appear to suffer a major breakdown in relations amid Russian aggression in Crimea And towards Ukraine.

Donald Trump He issued a statement early Wednesday morning criticizing that the Russian president was playing his American counterpart “like a drum,” seemingly ignoring criticism he’s faced over the last day for his overly flattering view of Putin.

Putin plays Biden like a drum. It’s not a nice thing to watch! The former president said in one of his tweet-like comments from his office.

Our John Bowden story.

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 17:31


Kenzinger slams ‘sick’ Trump for ‘love’ of Putin

Republican anti-Trump congressman Adam Kinzinger has criticized the former president’s “love” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his outrageous suggestion that the United States follow Russia’s lead in Ukraine by seizing parts of Mexico.

Publish an article from hillThe Illinois representative tweeted, “Trump is a sick man. To do the same on the southern border (he suggests) we have to invade Mexico and declare it ours today. But some Putin likes him.”

Oliver O’ConnellFeb 23 2022 17:11


Trump touts force against Biden as he looks to 2024

While he has yet to announce his re-election campaign, Donald Trump has claimed numerous times to be in pole position to win re-election in 2024 — and in an interview yesterday, he made a prediction that Joe Biden wouldn’t even run. second period by himself.

“I don’t think he’s going to run, or I don’t think he’s — you know, he can run and maybe someone might run against him, which is very rare, for something like that to happen,” Mr. Trump said. “I think the end result is so bad, I don’t think he can do it.”

Biden has repeatedly insisted that he intends to run for a second term. His age has often been raised to be a potential handicap, but Mr. Trump is only a few years younger than him.

Andrew NottiFeb 23 2022 16:53

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