True to the Game 4 Cast: Is This Movie Based on True Story?

“True to the Game” is a gripping crime-romance movie franchise based on a famous author’s classic trilogy. The story goes into the dark side of Philadelphia, which is full of crime. A normal girl from Philadelphia named Gena Hollins’s life takes a strange turn.

She starts dating Quadir Richards, who is known for selling drugs. Even though she is hesitant at first, Quadir’s steady personality quickly wins her over.

Quadir doesn’t want to play the game in question. But over time, they get caught up in a web of lies, crimes, and sadness.

The first two movies were led by Preston A. Whitmore II and Jamal Hill. For the third movie, David Wolfgang took over.

In the third movie, Quadir comes back to life for a happy ending, but some of you may wonder if this is the end for the most popular couple. If you want to know what the future holds for the franchise, we’ll tell you everything.


Columbus Short played Quadir Richards 

In the movie, Quadir is played by Columbus Short. Columbus has been in movies like The Losers, Stomp the Yard, and Whiteout. Columbus was even important in the movie For NYC, which came out not too long ago.

Vivica A. Fox as Shoog

In the movie, Vivica played the part of Shoog. She’s been in movies like “Independence Day” and “Kill Bill,” among others. The last movie she was in was Aquarium of the Dead.


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Erica Peeples as Gena Rollins

In the movie, Erica played the part of Gena. She was important in both “Fall Girls” and “Law & Order.” The All-American was the last place she was seen.

Andra Fuller as Jerrell

In the movie, Fuller plays the part of Jerrell. In movies like L.A. Complex, Black Jesus, and You Can’t Fight Christmas, he had important parts. His last movie was called “Life Without Action.”

Malcolm David Kella as Black

In the movie, Malcolm played the part of Black. He was a very important part of the popular TV show Lost. The last time we saw him was in the movie Dutch.

Bria as Iyana Halley

In the movie, Iyana plays the part of Bria. She’s worked on shows like “This Is Us” and “Sharp Objects.” The last movie she was in was Good Trouble.

True to The Game 4 Release Date

“True to the Game 3” opened on limited theatre screens on December 3, 2021. The release date was originally set for August 2021, but it was later moved to December. Let’s talk about the chances of a second movie.

true to the game 4

Producers and directors haven’t said anything about a possible follow-up. Since there hasn’t been an official announcement, we’re only able to scratch the surface.

But there might be a bright spot, especially since the third part knocks it out of the park. It raises the stakes by telling a sad and touching story full of raw emotions.

The whole cast is back for the third adventure. And the critics couldn’t ignore the movie’s electrifying atmosphere.

Fans and critics both liked the story, and they all agreed that it was a good way to end the intellectual trilogy. There were no real differences in how people responded. Crime romance is its niche genre, and sequels aren’t usually made for it.

But this franchise was different because the story was written by Teri Woods in three parts. The third movie is based on the series’ third book, which was written in 2008.

Teri Woods has written a few more best-selling series, like “Dutch,” “Alibi,” and “Deadly Reigns,” after the success of her first.

But she didn’t write any more “True to the Game” books after the trilogy. In an interview in 2013, she talked about rewriting the books, but she didn’t say anything about making them bigger. So, it’s likely that she talked about her re-release contract with Hachette Book Group USA in the interview.

With the third movie, it looks like all of the original material has been used up. The third adventure also ties up the story in a neat way.

Taking into account all the things we’ve talked about so far, it seems very unlikely that season 4 of “True to the Game” will ever be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

true to the game 4

Is True to the Game Based on a True Story?

True to the Game is an American drama movie from 2017 that was directed by Preston A. Whitmore II and written by Nia Hill. Columbus Short, Andra Fuller, Vivica A. Fox, Nelsan Ellis, and Jennifer Freeman all play important roles in the movie. It was based on the same-named book by Teri Woods.

Who Plays in “True to the Game”?

Right on Target (film) Go to the next page Go to the search. The American drama film True to the Game is based on Teri Woods’s book of the same name. Preston A. Whitmore II directed it, and Nia Hill wrote the script. It starred Columbus Short, Andra Fuller, Vivica A. Fox, Nelsan Ellis (in his last movie role), and Jennifer Freeman. 1. The cast. 2. The show.

Is True to the Game a Good Movie?

“True to the Game” is a gripping crime-romance movie franchise based on a famous author’s classic trilogy. The story goes into the dark side of Philadelphia, which is full of crime.

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