Trolley Season 1 Episode 16 Recap: Explained!


The Korean serial “Trolley” came to an end. It did, as expected, throw a few curveballs until the last episode. Hye Joo and Joong Do’s romance was destroyed, and the Nam family’s lives were forever altered.

The raw honesty portrayed by the characters struck the audience into stillness and left some lessons on the moral high ground.

It is never easy to put the greater good ahead of one’s family, yet Hye Joo did just that. It also demonstrates that if you remain silent once, the cycle will continue.

If one wishes to break it, it is only prudent to address the issue as soon as possible, regardless of the immediate consequences to one’s personal life.

“Trolley” also depicts what happens when a person attempts to accomplish something for society while putting oneself second.

After a few years of failure, Hye Joo’s drive to rectify the wrongs is inspiring. Let’s take a peek at the series’ last episode.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

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‘Trolley’ Episode 16: Recap – How Did Joong Repent For His Crimes?

Hye Joo begins Episode 16 with a monologue. Hye Joo tells her daughter Yeon Seo about the meeting in a flashback. Yeon Seo is worried about how it will affect her at school and socially.

She resents her mother’s news conference. Joong Do and Woo Jae discover the news conference. Joong Do is speechless and crushed by the situation.

He confesses despite Woo Jae’s efforts. In a flashback, Woo Jae may have saved Ji Hoon. Woo Jae let him sink as Ji Hoon threatened Joong Do’s career.

Assemblyman Kang also holds a land manipulation scandal conference and pledges to donate the money. He’s upset over losing when he learns about Hye Joo’s conference.

Joong Do checks his phone for texts at a supermarket with Woo Jae. He discovers a Hye Joo message among his peers and public criticisms.

She tells him that he cannot choose how to repent. Not his choice. Joong Do drives to Sokcho, where he promised Hye Joo a honeymoon, after hearing her voice note.

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Hye Joo rescues him after Woo Jae tells her Joong Do is disappeared. Hye Joo protects Joong Do despite her hatred for him.

Once the couple exits the water, she lashes out at Joong Do for attempting suicide. She advises him to endure his sentence rather than commit suicide.

Woo Jin Seok, Daehan Party chairwoman, conducts a press conference on Joong Do’s controversy. She announces his party and National Assembly expulsion.

Hye Joo told Chairperson Jin Seok of her press conference to reveal her husband’s scandal in a flashback. Chairperson Woo assists Hye Joo at the news conference.

Subsequently, Assemblyman Kang’s press conference upset Seung Hee’s mom. Ki Young’s news shakes her. In the heat of the moment, she also reveals that Seung Ho was guilty and Hye Joo was innocent.

After learning the truth, Seung Hee leaves her mother. Apologizing to Hye Joo, she As planned, Ki Young travels abroad, and Seung Hee vows to join him later.

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Soo Bin’s life is also coming together. After receiving several angry texts from Jung Dae, she confronts him and reveals to him her baby’s parentage. She then complains to the police about Jung Dae.

She also tells Hye Joo that Ji Hoon loves her as his mother. She also sends her a few photos of Ji Hoon and tells her that he regrets hurting Hye Joo.

Five months later, Hye Joo, Yeon Seo, Yeo Jin, and Soo Bin are living reasonably calm life. Hye Joo’s book repair workshop employs Soo Bin.

Yeon Seo accepts her mother’s decision and defends her at school when her peers call her a rapist’s daughter. She tells her students that her mother spoke up against her father’s misdeeds.

Soo Bin gets a call from the police station saying Jung Dae was apprehended and her bank account issue will be settled soon. Yeo Jin is on medication but recovering. Due to its history, the Namgoong Sol law may never pass, although Hye Joo’s position helped.

There was a lot to unearth, yet some people still supported the bill. Sol’s grandmother is equally saddened by Joong Do’s reality.

Hye Joo and Joong Do talk at the prison. She hands him an envelope containing the divorce papers and Joong Do’s kindergarten book, where he wrote about wanting to serve the country. The book was repaired by Hye Joo, According to

Is There Any  Official Trailer for “Trolley”?

Ratings for “Trolley”

The narrative of Trolley is potent and emotional, and it requires fortitude not only from its actors but also from the audience members who watch it. It has a score of 3/5 on Rotten Tomatoes, and 7.5/10 on IMDB.

Audience Reviews

1. ” It good. Watch. Captivation. Intelligencze. Thrillerz. Muzique–Ayo-the music too goodd, i”ll be damned. I think its going to explore lot of philosophical queries, and situations about accepting the helpless feeling when we face the inevitable saddenings of the world—psychology of the humans and crime…all of them intertwined, put in some romance burgers too, and you gett “Trolley” to carry all these ideas into a series. It hooked me with just the opening song, cause its tasteful, artistic, mysterious, and with an intelligent touch in it. And damn, the music was the primary reason I perked up to watch it engrossedly. So, do give it a try, Studio S has been producing consistently good series, so I believe this will also be good.”

2. “Kim Hyun Joo’s acting was #MAGNIFICENT, I hope she win a Baeksang for this. At first you would really find her character gullible because that’s how the character is and she made people believe who’s watching the show that she is that kind of person. It’s the same when you’re mad at villains. She acted it very well, I love how her character progress through out the show. I love how this show was written which is based on “Trolley Problem” . It would really made you feel the dilemma of decision making. I love the ending since it was emotionally and morally satisfying. This is now one of my favorite show.”

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