Tricks to make your iPhone battery last longer

One of the most frequent headaches iOS users Is the duration IPhone battery. Its lifespan is completely different from what Android has to offer, so you need to be vigilant when starting technical failures.

In addition, we need to take into account that iPhone parts, which are not very cheap for our bags, are very delicate and if we do not take proper care of them, they will perish very quickly. Because the chargers also have to be original Something in common does not match your device.

Here we are going to give you some Suggestions on your iPhone settings So you can increase the efficiency of your battery. These are important changes and actions you need to take to see positive results.

The shadow of a man appears on the file photo, in front of the apple logo.  EFE / Monica Davy
The shadow of a man appears on the file photo, in front of the apple logo. EFE / Monica Davy

Low consumption mode: This can cause you to crash certain computer functions. They will show you some time limits to choose from depending on your needs with the device.

Screen brightness: This is another option you can manage to avoid using the built-in automatic brightness on your cell phone. Instead of wearing 100%, choose the one that best suits your vision

Dark Mode on iPhone: This is one of the most recommended tricks. According to technologists, having these types of settings can help improve cell phone performance, reduce whiteness (brightness) and select darker ones. Wallpaper also plays an important role, betting on black tones or neutral colors, avoiding colorful ones.

Notifications: Disable notifications from certain apps on your cell phone, especially those you do not use often. This way, when we receive one of these floating messages, we prevent the computer from running immediately and turning on the screen.

Applications you do not use: Frequent cleaning of applications you download. In many cases, we forget many things we have stored. These work even when we are not open, so it is important that we set aside what and what not to leave.

Not for automatic downloads: In the Configuration section, control these types of actions. It is better to do it manually to avoid unnecessary changes on the phone.

Disable Data and WiFi: When you do not need these connections, it is a good idea to disable them so that the apps that use them do not work at that time.

Do not activate your location: Avoid enabling this option and use it only when you need to, such as using maps and booking locations.

Apple Watch: If you have a device, this is another option that you can attach to your custom. Access the functions required to activate them quickly and easily without touching the screen of your mobile.

1. Charge the iPhone 100% and after reaching this point, run it for about 2 to 3 hours without disconnecting the charger. At this time you can use the device normally.

2. Disconnect the device from the power source and allow the battery to fully discharge until it is turned off. You can use the iPhone normally during this process and it is recommended to use it vigorously with really heavy processes so that the battery takes less time to discharge.

3. Once the equipment is turned off, leave it unattended for 6 hours.

4. After a while, it is necessary to connect the charger with the iPhone, and turn off the device and let it charge for another 6 hours. When you connect the connector for the first time, the device will run when the battery is low, so you will have to turn it off manually.

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