May 24, 2022

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Total War Warhammer 3 Game analysis and ideas for PC, Mac and Linux

One particularly amusing statement to me when approaching this analysis is in the Fallout saga: “War will never change”. Total War: I found that phrase completely absurd when playing Warhammer 3, as I have discovered in recent weeks, there are many ways to approach war, and each game is completely different.

From Shogun: The Total War, Saga’s first game, Creative Assembly is refining a formula that players from all over the world will love. The first Warhammer came into ownership in 2016, and its direct sequel came a year later. It took six years to find out the outcome of the trilogy Total War: Warhammer3And we can tell you that The wait paid off. Those who already have a specific “callus” Total war series They know exactly what to expect from the two main aspects of the game: Management and fighting. First, there are no particularly important changes, however new players should start walking before running. There are a few ideas to consider, and most of the first games for new players will be about understanding exactly what is going on in the world. However, the Do not be afraid of new playersAnd the developer warns himself: this will happen A fantastic gateway to total war history (And to the Warhmmer franchise).

It is noteworthy that they took advantage Improvements implemented in many of its systems (Such as Diplomacy) in a series of titles published between Warhammer II and this Warhammer III. If you do not notice Troy Or Three kingdoms You may experience a few pleasant surprises when it comes to changes in quality of life. In connection with Wars, The kernel is correct Of history. Real-time action, in which we must use our forces wisely to bring the enemy to an end and prevent them from ending in tragedy. While that is no surprise, there are new forces coming into the game.

Always a nucleus with many, many possibilities

We have new dynamics within the game and it is on some map now Gates (May be from any faction of the Chaos) so that we can face each other in fierce battles. Demon Empire. The agility it brings to the game is very exciting because if we do not take care of these websites we will face problems for a long time. The interesting thing about portals is that they provide a very different experience from the normal map: we have to arm our teeth with the best troops. Kill the demon prince Turn to get his soul so that he can face Belagor because you have to get one in every kingdom to reach the enemy. These are very tense moments in which if we want to get out of the adventure alive we have to manage our army well.

One of the recurring complaints from the community is the one-foot slap on my wrist to the Creative Assembly regarding systems: Sieges. Even though new mechanics have been added to these, and the thing is still a little “shitty”, the reality is that, beyond all that, they seemed very boring to me. This is nothing particularly serious, but those who expect a total change in this aspect will be disappointed. It is undeniable that the two most attractive options in the game in terms of racing are the Great Cathy and Chaos Demons. Total Warhammer 3 first posts. As you have already read above, although the Creative Assembly did not want to hold their fingers by revolutionizing the war, they did want to provide soldiers. Very different game styles According to the army we choose.

Each division is a world

Total War Warhammer 3 Review

Great Cathy It has a truly original yin and yang balance system so we always want to be in balance so that our forces get bonuses. Add to that its trade-off dynamics and a special compass of racing, and we’re left with unique game styles that will delight those looking for a new experience. According to Demons of Chaos, it is a kind of hybrid bag that combines units of the four chapters of Chaos (Korney, Narkel, Slanesh and Tseinch) with a fully customizable image. Monster Prince. We can choose different parts that make up our disgusting protagonist according to the gods we worship, which has never been seen before in Saga and was greatly appreciated.

Those who expected a complete change in the siege were going to be disappointedThose of you who have a preference for a particular Chaos army need not worry: The The four divisions can be played separately, Completing the group of eight platoon armies Kislev and Okra. The former has a very interesting religious interest system, while the latter will force us to get meat to feed the Okre war machine, and if we lose this precious resource (I found the hard way) we will lose our forces.

The most story-centric total war warmer

Total War Warhammer3If you want a unique experience, we recommend the Chaos or Cron Gate

In the preface (I strongly recommend playing it) they already show what the theme of the game is in campaign mode: very interesting cinema and revolving around the story God bear Ursun. In short, not wanting to spoil, the good old Ursun did not respond for a while to the good people of Kislev, and because of the winter tightness and the light through the clouds the guards of the north decide to send a expedition to the territories. Confusion to find out what is going on.

After a series of back and forth, we finally know the truth: Belagor imprisons Ursuna in the dark, and there are not many options: or God the bear was freed or killed Finish everything. Under this relatively simple paradigm, the real horizon of possibilities opens up, i.e., each of the eight available divisions has different reasons for reaching the chain-bound god.

Total War Warhammer 3 pcThe game makes its intentions clear from the preamble

Just give two examples while inside Kislev They seek to save their God and restore the stability (and normal seasonal cycles) of their nation Kingdoms of Okra All they want is to eat it. Without any other motive, without any trick. They want to catch the bear and kill it and eat it. This is one of the things I really liked about this third part: the importance of the story.

Although the first two parts of the franchise already have a story, this time Creative Assembly wants to give players the opportunity to experience it live Somewhat rich plot, Without ignoring the soldiers who want to dominate the world with their forces. There are two options, and each must decide whether to fully enter the race to reach Ursuna or to try to control more and more terrain.

War is not just fought on the battlefield

Total War Warhammer3Settlements cannot grow without improvement

Beyond wars and new additions, it continues to be the central axis of the campaign Management of our empire. We will start in a humble way, expanding little by little by conquering (or destroying) the settlements around us, until we begin to design an area where you will have to compete with the rest of the factions for complete control.

Although the title has a set of reminders that can be very useful to new players (it will inform you of a new building or improvement per settlement, the possibility of starting a new mandate, etc.) Take control of your lands. There are many alternatives to this, however one must consider declaring war on one before it can have a stable empire.

We should not ignore either Progress of different dwellings, This is the time for us to think about the most desirable things. On the one hand, some buildings help maintain the control of our empire or give us more money, while others have to deploy better troops (which is essential when focusing on portals or fighting against more powerful forces) and can not ignore self-defense. Structures. The latter will be more important in settlements that are very close to enemy units, and having a good wall and defense system will make the difference between being able to withstand an enemy attack or see how it falls into your hands without much resistance. There are many decisions to be madeAnd running an empire is not something you learn in a few hours.

Improvements in the graphic segment without any revolution

Total War Warhammer 3 pcAdding portals adds variety to maps

This is not going to surprise anyone, and even if the game looks better than Warhummer 2, Graphic development is not crazy. All of these are, after all, minor improvements as a result of the time spent with this Creative Assembly engine, and it seems they already know what key to touch, and the visual quality of the game is undeniable.

Fans of the physics version of Warhammer Fantasy will find it a special pleasure to visit Different units It creates all the forces, and it is a real delight to the eye to see animated units from Okra Kingdoms or Kislew, give a couple of examples.

Sound does its job in all other Warmmer games. As for the dubbing, it rebroadcasts a little bit (the actors do a good job), while at the same time accompanying the music, without further ado. The Graphics specifications The game tested was Ultra, and performance was not affected at any time (with a Medium high end equipment)

Game modes for an almost endless experience

Total War Warhammer3

Beyond the campaign (Can be played locally and online and in multiplayer), we have some good extra ways to enjoy game battles. We can see some of these multiplayer modes Types of war (Land, sieges, Dominion mode …), and there are so many different types that almost all players will find a mode (at least) to enjoy.

The Ranking games They would be a great way to test our ability and see how far we can go Adventure Wars They are a kind of scenes in which we must win a battle in which the enemy receives new reinforcements. As happens with other aspects of the game, Creative Assembly has made some additions without taking too much risk, realizing that the basics of the game are more than just settled.