Five of the Top Xbox One Minecraft Seeds of 2022!

Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update, which introduced new generation methods, has resulted in users discovering some very unique world seeds to check out in the game’s 1.18 edition this year.

Another difference between game versions is that, in addition to the Caves & Cliffs update changing the way Minecraft worlds produce, there is a tiny difference in how worlds develop across game versions. In particular, the Java and Bedrock Editions create seeds in slightly different ways than the other editions.

In principle, the same seed should operate across platforms, but certain seeds cannot be created in parallel across different versions of the same platform. Regardless, there is a slew of fantastic Bedrock Edition (consoles, Pocket Edition, and Windows 10) seeds available in 2022 that are worth exploring.

Minecraft: Awesome Bedrock Edition seeds to test in 2022, according to the developers.

1. Snowy Mountains and Silent Villages (460628901)

New and experienced Minecraft players will enjoy this seed since it has a little bit of everything to give them. They begin in a tiny meadow region where there are a few stone-filled spots that are ideal for gold mining.

Snowy Mountains and Silent Villages (460628901)

A waterfall is close for users to take advantage of if they want water, and there are other settlements dotted across the valley to ease commerce and early material harvesting. When they are ready, players may expand their Minecraft horizons and begin making their way outwards toward the enormous snowy mountain range that surrounds the meadow.

There is a lot to find beyond the bounds of the first mountains, no matter how wonderful the beginning location of a seed maybe.

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2. Massive Dripstone Cave Spawn (-582063378)

Minecraft players looking for massive amounts of dripstone and/or copper ore need to go no further than this seed for their resources. A short entrance leads to a large system of dripstone caverns, despite the fact that they will spawn in a rather ordinary woodland biome when they are firstborn.

Massive Dripstone Cave Spawn (-582063378)

There are a large number of dripstone blocks to be gathered, as well as a variety of ores to be discovered. Copper ore is one of the most notable examples, but other minerals such as coal and even diamonds are also included.

In addition to being home to several aggressive creatures, the enormous cave system is also a good place to craft weapons and armor before venturing too far into the cave system on their own.

3. The Ocean Monument Seed  (1152091468)

Ocean monuments may be among the most difficult and fun constructions to investigate in Minecraft, and they can be quite rewarding. A total of seven separate ocean monuments are located less than 200 blocks from the seed’s spawn site, which is the maximum amount of entertainment that may be provided by one seed.

The Ocean Monument Seed  (1152091468)

Furthermore, on each side of the ocean monuments, players will discover landmasses with biomes resembling woodland and badlands, which will provide them with everything they need to prepare for their underwater explorations.

Although it is not recommended to jump into the ocean monuments right away, with a little preparation, Minecraft players will have lots of opportunities for combat and looting.

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4. Mountain Ranges (700682)

The way mountains are generated in Minecraft is one of the most impressive parts of the latest terrain creation overhaul. Mountains after 1.18 are awe-inspiring in their own right, rather than taking on the look of big hills.

Mountain Ranges (700682)

These new mountains, which reach hundreds of blocks into the sky and extend hundreds of blocks in numerous directions, are excellent locations for construction or material collecting. This specific seed demonstrates this since it has a variety of mountain ranges representing diverse biomes.

The snowy habitat would be ideal for its spawn, but having mountain ranges of virtually every other biome type at its spawn is still breathtaking.

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5. Savannah Badlands Split (-78688046)

Users might expect to encounter badlands and savannah in Caves & Cliffs, but this Bedrock seed puts them together in a fantastic way, combining the best of both worlds. The game begins in a badlands environment with plenty of bodies of water for the players to explore.

Savannah Badlands Split (-78688046)

They may hop across a short sea cliff to a savannah biome, which is densely populated with trees. Additionally, a vast coral reef may be discovered midway between the two biomes, which provides a significant quantity of biodiversity for the players’ spawn place.

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