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Thanks for pages like We can know what Most downloaded in every country . But, have you ever wondered which ones got the most downloads this week? Let us tell you what are the most sought after mobile games these days.

Minecraft The Most Downloaded Fee Game of the Week on Google Play, The Free Game of the Most Downloaded Android for the Last Seven Days Figure Fantasy. Mobile video games are the most collected, which tops the list Currency Master.

Some paid games that received the highest number of downloads this week Blues DT6 And Everdale. On the other hand, Rocket League SightSwipe And Great demand App Annie claims to be the most downloaded free games on Android this week.

Top 10 Free Games for Android

  1. Figure Fantasy – Como Technology Limited
  2. Rocket League SightSwipe – Cynics Studios
  3. Giant Wanted – Supersonic Studios Limited
  4. Bowmasters – Pleasantry Limited
  5. Pull the pin – Popcore Games
  6. Stickman Escape: Choice Story – API Global Limited
  7. Text or Die – Rollick Games
  8. Hopping Heads: Scream & Shot – Normal Azure Games
  9. Poppy Game – It’s Game Time – Geo Global Publishing
  10. Sheets Quality Please! – Lion Studios

Top 10 Paid Games for Android

  1. – Mojang
  2. Blues DT6 – Ninja Kiwi
  3. Evertale – ZigZaGame Inc.
  4. Monopoly – The classic board game about real estate! – Marmalade Game Studio
  5. Geometry Dash – Raptop Games
  6. Stardew Valley – Chucklefish Limited
  7. Terreria – 505 Games Srl
  8. Ink – Noors
  9. My boy! – GPA Emulator – Fast Emulator
  10. Monument Valley – Games for two

Top 10 Highest Gaining Games for Android

Candy Crush Saga.
Candy Crush Saga.
  1. Coin Master – Moon Active
  2. – King
  3. RAID: Shadow Myths – RAID: Shadow Myths
  4. Marvel Tournament Champions – Kabam Games, Inc.
  5. Kareena Free Fire – Rampage – Kareena International I.
  6. Pokémon GO – Niantic, Inc.
  7. Roblox – Roblox Corporation
  8. Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG – Small Giant Games
  9. Yvonne: The King’s Return – Digi Inc.
  10. Clash of Clans – Supercell

How to download apps on Google Play

You can install apps, games and digital content on your device from the Google Play Store. In some cases, you can too . Although some content is free, you can also find options that are only available on purchase.

Applications may run on compatible Android and Chromebook devices, but not on Windows or Mac computers.

  • On your device, open the Google Play Store or In a web browser.
  • Search for content or explore the application.
  • Pick up an object.
  • Select Install Or the price of the item.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction and retrieve the content. If you have already purchased, Use the down arrow to select a payment method. If this is your first purchase, Payment method will be added to your Google Account.

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