TITIN Training Shirt on Shark Tank – 2022 Update

Titin Weighted Shirt is a brand that sells products to make workouts more effective. The company sells shirts and shorts that give you more resistance when you work out.

This helps you get stronger and improve your aerobic output. This set of gel-weighted shorts and vests helps users build muscle and stamina, which helps them do better in competition.

Titin: Weighted Shirt Overview In Shark Tank

Company Name Titin: Weighted Shirt
Website Currently offline.
Episode Season 6 Episode 7
Product Offering Compression shirt with gel-filled weight
Founded 2022
Founder Patrick Whaley
Required Investment $500,000 For a 5% stake in Titin: Weighted Shirt
Closing Deal $500,000 For a 20% stake
Shark Daymond John
Current Business Status Out of Business

Titin: Weighted Shirt Work

Titin Weighted Shirts have an extra 8 pounds that are spread out evenly so that they don’t put stress on the muscles and joints of the person who wears them.

They are made of material that moves moisture away from the skin, which helps them fit better across the body muscles. The hydrogel inserts in them keep them from moving, which helps muscles grow while working out.

Also, you can take these inserts out and cool or heat them to help your body recover after a workout. Because of this, they provide enough resistance to help people build their muscles faster.

titin shark tank net worth

Who Founded Titin: Weighted Shirt?

Patrick Whaley came up with the idea for Titin Tech. In 2005, he started this company, which was his childhood dream come true. Before he became an expert in Kinesiology and Physiology, Patrick studied mechanical engineering.

Since he was a kid, Patrick had battled the odds to gain muscle mass. The skinny kid desperately wanted to bulk up. Because of this, he started using a heavy daypack in an effort to bulk up. Over the course of many years, the idea matured into a wearable weighted shirt prototype.

In 2009, after a near-fatal robbery attempt, this prototype saved his life. After shooting Patrick, the police just left him to die. However, he made use of a prototype weighted shirt, which proved more effective than other forms of physical therapy, during the rehabilitation phase.

The success of the experiment inspired him to launch a business to spread the good news. Athletes of the highest caliber endorsed the Patrick prototype. Crowdfunding was another method he used to get his business off the ground.

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Titin: Weighted Shirt Business Before Shark Tank

After the near-death experience he had with the Titin Weighted shirt in 2009, Patrick decided to devote himself to mass production of the shirt. However, he lacked the capital necessary to launch his business.

Like many other startup founders, he initially turned to crowdfunding. For the purpose of making his dream a reality, he crowdfunded twice.

He raised $117,000 in a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter and $1,000,000 in a similar effort on Fundable. Patrick began mass-producing the TITIN shirt and displaying it at business conferences. The brand’s success warranted a trip to the Shark Tank.

Titin: Weighted Shirt During Shark Tank Pitch

Patrick appeared on the seventh episode of season six of Shark Tank, offering 5% of the Titin company in exchange for$ 500,000.

When he first started talking, he explained his company’s brand at lightning speed. He explained that TITIN is a patented name in the industry of human-specific weighted compression gear.

Patrick went into detail about the benefits of this setup, which includes gel inserts of the same density as human muscle tissues. In his advertising materials, he claimed that the TITIN system could improve vertical leap by 13%, endurance by 11%, and speed by 3%. Some Sharks were annoyed by the assertion.

Mark was initially skeptical and pushed for an explanation of the TITIN system’s scientific foundations. Patrick told the sportspeople about the product’s positive effects.

Mark, however, was not persuaded and insisted on hearing more than anecdotes about the effectiveness of the product. Patrick tried selling Mark on the weighted shirt again by providing more details about its operation, but he was still unconvinced.

Robert is open to the concept and willing to give the weighted shirt a try. He is interested in learning how much this item costs. Patrick explains everything to him. While Patrick tells the panel that he has made over $1 million in sales in the past few months, Robert tries on the shirt.

titin shark tank net worth

TITIN Before Shark Tank

Patrick Whaley wasn’t happy with his slim physique as a young man and began filling his backpack with added weight in elementary school, in the form of books, to help him gain additional muscle. But he soon realized that a large bulky weight on his back wasn’t the ideal training aid.

The additional weight worked against him and caused problems for his shoulders during his workouts, so he continued developing the idea throughout his school years, refining it but not quite perfecting it.

In the month of May of 2014, he turned to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for help. His original goal was $100,000, but thanks to the support of more than 500 backers, he was able to surpass that amount and raise over $117,000.

As soon as the campaign concluded, he was contacted by the makers of Shark Tank with an offer to appear on the show.

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Titin Shark Tank’s Net Worth

Patrick went on Shark Tank in October 2014, where he told the investors he was seeking $500,000 in exchange for 5% of his TITIN company.

The company’s net worth was $10 million during the Shark Tank pitch. This amount increased to $25 million after Daymond’s investment. However, the current net worth is unknown since Titin ceased its operation.

Without taking a breath, the training shirt entrepreneur began his rapid-fire pitch. At breakneck speed, he described TITIN, a weighted compression gear system built with the human body in mind and protected by a patent. The gel inserts in the shirt were of the same density as a person’s muscle.

Patrick brought promotional materials for the TITIN system into the tank, which claimed the system would increase the user’s vertical leap by 13%, endurance by 11%, and speed by 3%. Everything about it smacked of false optimism.

Despite this, Mark was still not convinced. How high can he jump if he wears a padded bra, he inquired. This made Lori laugh, but Patrick quickly changed the subject back to his serious talk on internal weights.

Mark was so shocked that Patrick could value his company at $10 million based on such an antiquated concept that he compared the shirt to the ankle weights athletes used before the advent of modern gym facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Titin: Weighted Shirt Help You?

The weighted shirts and shorts helped fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and sportsmen to gain muscles, boost endurance, and increase running speed.

Why Did Titin: Weighted Shirt Shut Down?

In July 2021, Titin’s website and social media pages went offline. The business ceased to operate. However, its products are available on Amazon. No specific reason is available for why it shut down its operations.

What Is The Net Worth Of Titin: Weighted Shirt?

The company’s net worth was $10 million during the Shark Tank pitch. This amount increased to $25 million after Daymond’s investment. However, the current net worth is unknown since Titin ceased its operation.

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